Harry and Sarah



Having the care of son Frederick then 6 years old after October 1891, Harry must have been working in Sydney, because it was there as Harry Occupation Painter that he married on 1 March 1892 at Dowling St Congregational Church Sarah Grant, a country girl from Braidwood.

Their son Henry was born on 11 February 1893 in a country area south of Cooma, possibly on a farm owned by friends of Sarah's. The child was registered on 22 March by his father who called himself Henry and said that he was living at 27 Burton St Sydney.

For the next couple of years, Harry seems to have been travelling between Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane and the marriage broke up. He and Sarah on 2 Nov 1896 signed a Deed of Separation and under this, Sarah was to have ten shillings per week and to have custody of Henry, for whom she was given five shillings per week. These payments were kept up until 29 March 1897, and then stopped, so in April 1897, Sarah took Henry and went to live in Perth WA, because family members living there said she could get work to support herself and Henry.

On 12 January 1900, Harry then living at Pyrmont St Pyrmont, filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery in Perth WA between April 1897 and January 1900 at Perth and a William Challoner was named a Co Respondent. It is possible that Sarah had met William earlier in Sydney, as he had business interests there, as well as in Perth.

Sarah's statement of June 1900 told another story altogether. She said Harry was not a faithful  husband, and mentioned his adultery between March 1893 and March 1900 (Date of petition) with "other" women at Pyrmont and Mossmans Bay.She also spoke of Harry's cruelty and questioned the validity of the marriage [? had she heard about Alice Blakeney] and said she had witnesses in both Sydney and Perth to support her allegations.

Sarah came to Sydney at end of December 1900, after being paid ten pounds to defray expenses to get to Sydney and left names of ten witnesses to prove her case. She intended to come back later to see her solicitor, but left on 1 January 1901, without seeing him. Not having heard from Sarah a couple of days before the case was in court on 13 February, her solicitor wired her, asking if she wanted a postponment, but Sarah simply replied "go on with the case do best for me and child". So Harry got his divorce, with a Decree Nisi made on 13 February 1901 and Decree Absolute on 13 May, 1901.


Sixth Generation from Manchester Families

6.8 ex 5.5.4 Family of George WHAITE and Anne (Fisher)

1b.  John Harry "Harry" possibly b as Samuel John 6 Dec 1855 entry 363 Hill St SD Dukinfield reg Dec qtr RD Ashton under Lynne 8d.383* Informant mother [nee Harris] F Spindle Finisher d 22 Mar 1931.2233* entry 448 Ashton Park Mosman NSW Australia Cause: Cyanide Poisoning Self Administered while temporarily mentally deranged Inquest 10 Apr 1931 crem 25 Mar 1931 Rookwood  Informant Eric L Morris brother-in-law "Oxley" Tamworth Retired Scenic Artist m (1) 11 Mar 1892.344* entry 344 Congreg Upper Dowling Street Sydney NSW (Witnesses: Lizzie Harrison, Eliza Hill) Sarah Agnes (Grant) b 1871.7883 Braidwood NSW div 1901/ 3567 13 Feb 1901 absolute 28 May 1901 d as Ellis Tues 25 February 1927.357* Adelaide Road Glenelg SA Cause: Accidentally run over by a Railway Train age 53 years Informant E C Knabe Undertaker Rundle St Adelaide Usual Residence Fremantle WA Widow of Walter Ellis Miner bu West Terrace Cemetery Adelaide Section: Eyre South Path Number: 11S E/W: W Site Number: 18 Grant expiry date: 01 March 2026 see SF and 7A.13



From his marriage to Sarah Grant in 1891, Harry had a son Henry who was just 7 years old when his parents divorced and he went to live in Perth with his stepfather William Challinor. In the 1900 Divorce Papers is a photo of him with his mother, stepfather and another male, on the pavement outside a shop in Pier Street Perth, taken to prove that the Divorce papers had been served upon  Co Respondent William Challinor.

His stepfather was adamant that any child living with him must be named Challinor, but it is hard to fathom why Henry's christian name had to be changed to James. His half brother William George had been born in 1901 and presumably one or both of them went with their mother after she left William Challinor and took up with Walter Ellis, who she did not marry until 1911 well after William Challinor's death in Perth in 1909.

Sarah is not even mentioned on William Challinor's Death Certificate, but it is possible that when she left him, Sarah took Henry while William stayed with his father but the latter died when William was only 8 years old. Nothing is known about either child's lives but William married in 1923 Perth to Batizon Spigl and later in 1944 also Perth to Vera L J Uren, with whom he had a child Brian born in 1946. William died in May 1954 and is buried in Karrakatta Rose Garden.

"James Challinor" under the name of Harry Whaite had married 1914 Mona Dixon in Subiaco WA and they had 2 children Lionel and Walter [perhaps named after Walter Ellis] both born in Perth.    In his mother's will made 10 Jul 1919, "Harry Whaite known as James Challinor Tobacconist living at 103 William Street Sydney" was appointed Executor. When I met him in Sydney late 1948, he was a Hairdresser and known by Fred Whaite's family as "Uncle Jim" though whether the latter's family knew of his exact relationship is uncertain, as Fred was very,very secretive about family relationships.

From his mother's will, it seems that Harry came to live in Sydney before 1919 and from stories from his grandchildren had a Hairdressing Salon. When he died in July 1955 his wife Mona was the sole Beneficiary and Executrix in his Will dated 10 January 1940, with the proviso that if she died at the same time as Harry, the estate was to be divided equally between his two sons Walter and Lionel Whaite, and they were to give Mona Kathleen Brein the sum of fifty pounds after all debts were paid. The will mentioned House and Land at 169 Grosvenor Road North Perth and half a house in East Perth, the other half held by Mr Kenne of Perth and as well a House, Shop and Stables at 110 Brown St Perth -  the latter property was the only one still held by Harry and worth 2,500 pounds, less Land Tax was rented out.

Though Harry and Mona lived in a rented house at 172 Dowling St East Sydney, Harry's Hairdressing Shop was at 103 William St Sydney, which he rented for three pounds nineteen shillings per week, but Harry had been given notice to quit by February 1956. Insurance Policies worth 164 pounds as well as various monies and Stock and Fittings at the Hairdresser's Shop made up a total 2200 pounds for Harry's estate, though there was no stamp duty because it went to his widow and Administration B123629 was granted on 28 December 1955.

Harry and Mona had 2 children and their first born Lionel under the name of Challinor was quite a well known athlete with Botany Harriers and his only daughter Patricia still has his many cups and trophies. He had joined RAAF as Aircraftsman, but died in an accident at Tamworth in 1942. He decided to try to race a petrol truck at RAAF base there, but alas fell under the truck and was killed. Under the name of Lionel Ellis Challinor in his stepfather's will, he  was to have a diamond ring, as well as a half share in a block of land in Welshpool WA when he was 18 years old.

Walter had three children and found work in Sydney as a Panel Beater but sadly had epilepsy and died in 1979. His wife Jeanette has been the source of most of the details of Harry's family and has just had her 85th birthday, while living with her son Roridon at Tuchekoi Queensland. From his stepfather's will, Walter called Walter Ellis Challinor when he was 18 years old was also given a half share in the block of land at Welshpool. Walter was also bequeathed an engraved gold watch with a chain from Walter Ellis' days as a gold miner and it is still in the possession of Walter's son Roridon.


7A.13 ex 6.8.1b Family of Harry WHAITE and Sarah Agnes (Grant)

1.Henry "Harry" b 11 Feb 1893 entry 61.11239* Little Plain Whinstone Valley reg Cooma NSW Hairdresser Informant father Harry Whaite 27 Burton St Sydney d as Harry 19 Jul 1955.16932 * entry 871 at 172 Dowling St Darlinghurst reg Ashfield crem 20 Jul East Subs Crem Cause: Carcinoma of Transverse Colon and Metatases. Will dated 10 Jan 1940 Probate B 123629 * of 17 Nov 1955 left ?all his properties and money? to his wife Mona;  Harry was executor of will 280 of 1927 dated 10 Jul 1919 of mother Sarah Agnes Ellis of Fremantle WA. "Harry Whaite known as James Challinor formerly of Fremantle but now of 103 William St Sydney NSW Tobacconist" was left house and land at 169 Grosvenor St North Perth; house and land at 139 Kensington St or at 110 Brown St East Perth, depending on which property chosen by William George Challinor; equal share of personal effects less household furniture, subject to devises in Will. Subject to devises and provisions of Will equal half share in any surplus money left after funeral & testamentary expenses paid" m after Banns as Harry 18 Feb 1914 entry ?18.2272 * RC Church Subiaco WA (Witnesses: James Murphy, Dorothy Warrell) Mona (Dixon) b 25 Dec 1895 [Probate 1955 NSW Harry Whaite] Perth WA d 18 Mar 1966.1448* 4/172 Dowling St East Sydney reg Sydney Cause: Myocardial Degeneration Hypertensive Heart disease many years crem 21 Mar 1966 Eastern Suburbs Crem age 70 years Informant son W T Whaite see SF and 8A.2

After Harry's mother Sarah Grant was divorced, she went to Perth and married co-respondent in divorce William Challinor, taking Harry with her. At his stepfather's insistence, Harry Whaite took the name of James Challinor, as did his son Lionel until his 1936 marriage, though Lionel's birth was registered as Whaite.

8A.2 ex 7A.11.1 Family of Henry WHAITE and Mona (Dixon)

1.Lionel Harry b 15 July 1914.1234* at 169 Grosvenor Road North Perth WA Hairdresser Aircraftsman 1 # 64689 Central Flying School RAAF Mem Panel 117 AWM Canberra d 3 Dec 1942.30380* Tamworth RAAF Base NSW Cause: Injuries accidentally received when rear near side wheel of petrol waggon passed over him Inquest held 17 Dec 1942 Tamworth bu 5 Dec 1942 RC Cem Botany.  Known as Lionel Challinor until 1936; mentioned as grandson Lionel Ellis Challinor Will of Walter Ellis #473 of 1926 made 6 May 1926 and left diamond ring when 18 years old and half share in block of land at Welshpool standing in name of Sarah Ellis" m 25 Jan 1936.202 St Marys RC Cathedral Sydney (Witnesses Harry Whaite, M Brien) Maria Patricia "Marcia" (Burke) b 1914.605 Surry Hills reg Sydney NSW d 28 Aug 1984 age 70 years late of Cremorne see 9.4

2.Walter Thomas b 12 Sept 1917.543* at 23 Coolgardie St Subiaco family at Grosvenor Road Panel Beater lived at Ryde d 28 Sep 1979 late of Ryde SMH 1 Oct 1979; Informant then living 47 Higginbotham Road Ryde death 1966 mother m 7 Mar 1942.2510* Registry Office Chatswood (Witnesses: B M Hammond, A C Pearce) Living (Williams) b c 1921 Sydney alive 2007 see 9.5 Mentioned as grandson Walter Ellis Challinor in Will # 473 of 1926 made 6 May 1926 of Walter E Ellis and left gold watch, chain and pendant when 18 years old and a one half share in block of land at Welshpool standing in name of Sarah Ellis";


Sarah Whaite married William Challinor by Special License at Perth Registry Office on 30 April 1902, and they had a son William George born in Perth in 1901, when Sarah called herself Sarah Jane. But Sarah did not stay with him nor was she the Informant, nor even mentioned on William's Death Cert in 1909 .

It seems she took up with a Walter Ellis, a Shift Boss with Sons of Gwalia Gold Mine in Kalgoorlie and they were marrried in Boulder 24 May 1911. Walter left the mine and became Licensee of Duke of York Hotel in Bannister St Fremantle where they lived until Walter's death in 1926. Will of Walter Ellis of Fremantle WA # 473 of 1926 proved 20 August 1926 made 6 May 1926 Fremantle Duty Paid 8 shillings 4 pence. Sarah Agnes Ellis appointed as Executrix and left all real and personal estate, including any monies which might be due for compensation for delicensing of Duke of York Hotel excepting funeral and testamentary expenses and a suitable tombstone and railing erected on my grave and devises to 2 grandsons, Lionel Ellis Challinor [Whaite 8A.2.1] and Walter Ellis Challinor [Whaite 8A.2.2]

Sarah died only  8 months later in June 1927 in Glenelg SA, having been run down by a train that runs through the street there. The family says she had been bringing some horses over to Melbourne to run in the Melbourne Cup later in the year and had been distracted while reading a paper, when the train ran her over. Her Death Cert revealed she had a daughter still alive, but so far she has not been traced.

Sarah's will was dated 10 Jul 1919 at Fremantle and probated as # 280 of 1927 on which Duty of 198 pounds, 12 shillings and 6 pence was paid. The various legacies and gifts are detailed throughout the family tree.


Sarah Agnes Whaite m (2) by Special License 30 Apr 1902.22* Registry Office Perth WA (Witnesses: W Grant, W Morrison)  William CHALLINOR Widower b 9 Apr Bourke St Sydney bp 29 May 1853 St Lawrence CE Sydney NSW d 1 Jul 1909.402* at 343 Wellington St Perth WA Cause: Aortic Regurgitation and Aneurism 6 years Uraemia 3 days Informant Donald J Chipper Undertaker Perth bu 2 Jul 1909 CE Cem Karrakatta WA Bookmaker lived 40 years NSW ,12 years WA [wife Sarah Whaite not mentioned] see SF and 7A.14. William Challinor m (1) 5 Apr 1876.415* St Peters CE Sydney NSW Sarah (Douggan) (Witnesses: Robert Coulter, Margaret Kirk) Div 18 Mar 1890 reg 90/82 CT on 21 Jul 1890 NO ISSUE

Sarah Agnes Challinor Residence Kalgoorlie m (3) by Declaration and Special License 24 May 1911.148* St Matthews CE Boulder WA (Witnesses: Justin Duggan, Catherine Duggan) Walter Edward ELLIS Residence Gwalia (Mine) b c 1863 Worcestershire England Shift Boss d 23 June 1926*...illegilbe at "Duke of York" Hotel Bannister St Fremantle Cause:Chronic Pulmonary Tuberculosis 2 years bu 24 June 1926 Anglican Cem Fremantle Publican Informant H  Earnshaw Undertaker's Assistant Adelaide St Fremantle. Said to have lived 52 years in WA ? arrived c 1874 and 12 years Eastern States NO ISSUE

7A.14 ex 6.8.1b Family of Sarah Agnes (Whaite) and William CHALLINOR

1.William George b 1 Aug 1901.4367* entry 818 at 164 Pier St Perth WA [M Sarah Jane Grant also signed as Informant] Informant signed William Challinor Merchant Perth In Column for Mother instead of Single Woman read "Divorced Sydney May 1901" d 24 May 1954 1954.1127* Royal Perth Hospital WA Cause: Broncho Pneumonia days, Pulmonary Odoema days Paralytic Ileus days Contributory Cause: Carcinoma of Rectum years late of 1139 Hay St West Perth Informant Ivan George Scott Undertaker Subiaco bu Karrakatta Cem Rose Gardens Section 3D Grave 0049; mentioned will 280 of 1927 of mother Sarah Agnes Ellis of Fremantle made 15 Jul 1919 as Alternative Executor should Harry Whaite [4.9.1] predecease him. Left the choice of 2 properties and houses, one at 139 Kensington St and one at 110 Brown St East Perth, plus household effects, as well as equal half of monies left after provisions and devises of will are completed m (1) 1 June 1923 Perth Batizon (Spigl). William G m (2) 30 Sep 1944 Perth Vera Lucy Jane (Uren) see 8A.3

2.?? Female alive death cert Sarah 1927 not mentioned in her will, nor that of Walter Ellis

8A.3 ex 7A.14.1  Family of William George CHALLINOR and Vera Lucy (Uren)

1.Brian W b c 1946 ? Perth WA