Most families are shown in full here, except for those of Benjamin HICKLING [] and Charles Henry SNOWDON [2.2.8] which are in OBrien Spouses Families 5 and of Arthur William SAMS [3.5.1] in OBrien Spouses Families 6

OBrien Spouses Families 1

Eliza (Matilda) DIXEY

Father ?? DIXEY Engineer

Mother Elizabeth (Stephens)

DIXON marr 1882 dau Margaret; DIXIE DC 1936 dau Ella May


Father Frederick SOUTHCOMBE b c 1832 Swimbridge/Barnstaple Devon England d 11 Nov 1907.14342* Michael St West Maitland Cause : Senile Decay, Cardiac Dropsy age 75 years bu 13 Nov 1907 Meth Cem West Maitland Miller OAP; Secretary Alexander Loyal Orange Lodge MM 8 Jul 1876 [BLHI]; Grevilles PO Directory 1875 Maitland Frederick Southcombe Semple St West Maitland Miller

m (1) 13 Dec 1854 CE Landkey Devon

Mother Sarah (Rudd) b c 1835 Landkey d 28 May 1879.6548* West Maitland NSW Cause: Puerperal Fever 2 weeks age 44 years bu 29 May 1879 Wesleyan Burial Ground West Maitland

Both arrived 27 May 1857 on "Herefordshire" Reels 2138,2475. Frederick age 24 Farm Labourer, Read & Write CE Good State of Health & Probable Usefulness Good, Remarks One Pound, Sarah age 21 House Servant Read & Write CE Good Health etc, William infant b Swimbridge with parents on board.

Siblings of Alfred Southcombe most born Maitland:

1.William b 28 Sep 1855 ? Swimbridge England d 1931.16908 Granville? m 1896.2165 Sydney Jane (Jones) ? NO ISSUE

2.John b 21 Oct 1857.5851? d 1911.11468 Nundle age 50 years no F and M

3. Emily b 23 Jan 1862.9197 m 1881.4598 Maitland Alfred W DALE

4.Mary Ann b 22 Feb 1864.10136 m 1884.5654 West Maitland James BISLEY

5. Ada b 1866.10191 d 1867.5747 West Maitland NO ISSUE

6. Frederick H b 1867.11609 d 1867.5967 West Maitland NO ISSUE

7.Frederick b 4 Oct 1868.11728* Semphill St West Maitland ? m 1916.656 Sydney Lorenza (McCann) d 1919.4560 Sydney [F Abraham M Maria] ? NO ISSUE. Lorenza Golby m (1) 1889.6326 Newcastle John MCCANN

7a. ? Harold d 25 Dec 1869 Cem Transcripts AGCI

8. Ada b 1870.12458 d 1871.4203 Maitland NO ISSUE

9. Henry Why b 1872.12078 [named after Charles Why m 1872.2048 Dubbo Mary Hughes Cert shows no connection] m 1899.6251 Newcastle Mary E (Davey) ? NO ISSUE. Henry W m ? (2) 1927.11371 Waverley Sylvia F (Torziiso)

10. Albert George b 1873.12981 d 1873.5014 Maitland NO ISSUE

11. Ernest Albert 1874.13490 d 1874.5934 West Maitland NO ISSUE

12. Sarah Ethel b 1876.14131 d 1876.7535 Maitland NO ISSUE

13. Agnes M b 1877.14660 d 1877.6509 Maitland NO ISSUE

[14.] Walter Frank b 1879.16568 Actor m (1) 30 Sep 1902.6112 Sydney Mary (Kiem) b c 1879 West Maitland Issue: 14a. Henry b c 1904 [BC 2] 14b. Douglas Michael b 22 Mar (Wednesday) 1905.9964* at 3 Nicholl St Sydney [M Mary] reg 12 May 1905 d as Douglas Michael White-Southcombe 1976.18316 NSW m 1934.7183 Randwick Kathleen E (Lynch)

Walter F m (2) 1922.5171 Sydney Isabel (Thompson)

Paternal Line

PGF George SOUTHCOMBE Tailor Immig Record says" James ? Dead"? pre 1857

PGM Unknown Immig Record says " Frances alive Swimbridge"

Maternal Line

MGF shown in error as Frederick SOUTHCOMBE Miller DC 1879 Immig Record says" ? Christopher Dead" ? pre 1857

MGM Unknown Immig Record says" Ann alive Land Key"

Miscellaneous Southcombe:

[1.]Frederick W Southcombe b c 1889 Skelton North Riding Yks England [F William Southcombe Miner M Sarah Stockdale] ? d 1957.27415 Auburn [F William M Sarah]? brother of 3 below m 9 Sep 1911.4090* Meth at 182 Forbes St Sydney (Witnesses: Henry A H Cameron, Janet Browne) Louisa Jensine (Larsen) b c 1886 Copenhagen Denmark [F Carl Larsen (deceased) Builder M Anna Christiansen] d 1978.20540 [F Carl M Anna] NSW Issue: 1a. Frederick J[ohn] b 1912.12569 Sydney m 1939.2488 Auburn Vivienne May (Yardley) 1b. William A b 1915.10559 Waverley 1c. Eva b 1917.39447 Auburn

2.John Thomas b c 1887 Lingdale NR Yks England [F William Henry Southcombe Milk Dealer M Sarah Stockdale] brother of 2 above d 4 Jul 1919.16264* Emergency Hospital Woonona reg Bulli Cause: Pneumonic Influenza 14 days, Septic Pneumonia 12 days bu 6 Jul 1919 Gen Cem Meth Bulli Informant J Pearson Thirroul No Relation Miner, War Pensioner arrived NSW c 1912 Not married

[3.]John Thomas Southcombe b c 1854 Devon England ? d 1911.3112 Rockdale [F John Southcombe d pre 1910 Miner M Caroline Hutchings] m 2 Jul 1910.10220* Congreg Ch Waterloo (Witnesses: Mary Field, Sarah Whitmore) Mary Ann (Ryan) b c 1864 Windsor [F James Ryan Labourer M Mary Ann Gough)] Issue: 3a. Eva Maud b 1884-5 reg 1910.34514 m 26 Apr 1916.6562* Pt St Davids CE Arncliffe reg Rockdale (Witnesses: Robert T Hilliard, Grace Southcombe [b8]) Sydney Edward Mostyn HILLIARD [F Sydney Edward] [3b.] Herbert Frederick b 1888 Redfern reg 1910.34514 Sydney Death Notice SMH 7 Feb 1974 late of Booker Bay & Arncliffe age 87 years Wicker Worker m 17 Dec 1910 reg 1911.75* St Pauls CE Sydney (Witnesses: Charles Mapstone, G H Mapstone) Annie (Mapstone) b c 1891 Redfern [F John Henry Mapstone d pre 1911 Labourer M Eleanor Wheatley] Issue all b Rockdale: 3b1. Herbert F b 1911.45105 d 16 Nov 1987 age 76 years late of Bexley SMH 17 Nov 1974 3b2. Norman K b 1912.4873 3b3. Hazel I b 1914.2874 Rockdale d 1915.14902 Rockdale NO ISSUE 3b4. Edna D b 1915.38729 3b5. Mavis J b 1917.29753 3b6. Ethel A G b 1889 reg 1910.34515 & R Sydney 3b7. Ivy D b 1892 reg 1910.34516 & R Sydney ? m as Ivy V 1918.10905 Newtown Arthur J HAINES 3b8. Grace M C b 1895 reg 1910.34517 R Sydney witness marr 1916 Eva Maud [3a.] ? d as Grace Mary Katherine 3b9. Jane E b ? d 1905.11480 Sydney 3b10. Elijah J reg 1910.34512 Sydney

4.R Southcombe Pass "Golden Age" 16 Mar 1854 Reel 399 arrived Sydney from Melbourne

5.Richard William W d 1941.25065* Soldiers Memorial Hospital Ryde Cause: Prematurity, Maternal Pre Eclamptic Toxaema bu 20 Oct 1941 CE Cem Rookwood age 36 hours Informant Mother J Southcombe 7 Waratah St Concord [F William Alfred now AIF m 1941.2761 Auburn M Joyce Isabel Muldoon ]

6.Sarah Beatrice M b 1883.100000 St Leonards [F William M Mary Day]

Frederick Southcombe m (2) 24 May 1880.3824* Congreg Manse West Maitland (Witnesses: Frederick Roberts, Lucy Roberts) Sarah (Short) Widow nee Leggett b 2 Feb1848 Buchanan [locality near EM] d 20 Feb 1932.4713* at 58 Bourke St West Maitland Cause: Carcinoma of Liver ? months age 84 years bu 21 Feb 1932 Meth Cem Rutherford [Campbells Hill]

Issue of Frederick Southcombe and Sarah Short all born West Maitland :

a. Stanley b 1881.19662 [M Susan] ? d as Stanley Walter 1959.8454 Sydney; Informant death 1907 father Frederick then living Bulmer St West Maitland m 1904.3645 Clarence Town Eva M (Ford) ? d as Eva May 1968.26527 Blayney [F Thomas M Ellen]

[b.] Laura b 1884.24122 West Maitland d 26 May 1996 Maitland m 1904.4246 East Maitland Clarence E WALKER b 1888.10206 Paddington [F Thomas C Walker M Laura] Issue: b1. Mollie b 1907.14952 West Maitland

c. Emilie b 1886.25857 West Maitland m 1913.15116 Newcastle William HORNE

[d.] Sarah [Jennie DC father 1907] b 1889.25847 West Maitland d as Sarah Jane 17 June 1968.18375 Maitland m 1906.1665 West Maitland Leslie V MCGLINN Issue all born West Maitland: d1. John Joseph F b 1906.25582 d2. Marjorie M b 1908.37247 d3. Leslie V b 1910.40135 d4. living

Sarah Leggett m (1) as Leggitt 1867.2358 at home of Mr Hutchinson Maitland Henry Short b 17 Aug 1845 Raymond Terrace [F Samuel Short Farmer of Grafton M Jane Northcott] d 19 Apr 1868 ? reg 1868.11759 [F Henry M Sarah] Issue: Henry b 1868.11759 Maitland d 1882.9487 East Maitland NO ISSUE

Sarah (Leggett)

Father Samuel LEGGETT b 1 Aug 1813 Ballymore Co Armagh Northern Ireland Farm Worker d Hannan St West Maitland [daughter's house/ house Fredk was renting from James Wolstenholme] 5 Nov 1892.7931 East Maitland [F Samuel M Unknown] late of Buchanan bu Wesleyan Cem Oakhampton Dairy Farmer

m 1836 Poynz Pass Co Armagh Ireland

Mother Ellen/Ellenor (Cloughl(e)y) b 23 June 1817 Co Armagh native of Ballymore Ireland d 1900.2207 WM ? at John St ? West Maitland [? house Fdk Southcombe was renting from Charles Richards] bu 17 Jan 1900 CE Cem Campbells Hill

Both arrived as Assisted Immigrants 13 Feb 1842 [Vol 58] ? NSW on "Agnes"

Siblings of Sarah Leggett:

[1.] Samuel b 28 May 1839 Poyntz Pass Armagh Northern Ireland d 8 Nov 1901.14168 Richmond Vale reg East Maitland NSW bu Mt Vincent Cem arrived Feb 1842 with parents on "Agnes" age 2 years Farmer & Teamster m 18 Jan 1870 Pres West Maitland reg as Ligget 1870.2570 Maitland Frances (Leonard) [F Thomas Leonard M Frances Woods] d 16 Jan 1922 West Wallsend

[2.] Eliza Jane b 28/30 Apr 1841 Poyntz Pass Armagh d 4 Oct 1913.15762 Mitchells Flat reg Singleton NSW bu Branxton General Cem arrived with parents Feb 1842 on "Agnes" age 9 months m 3 Jan 1859 CE M reg as Jane Liggal 1859.2194 M John PATTEN b 3 Jan 1859 Maitland check Farmer [Father John Patte/on]/26 Feb 1834 Australia ?? d 20 Jan 1913 bu Branxton General Cem /as Patton 1913.4331 Singelton age 82 years

[3.] Mary b 11 Mar 1843 Brooks Flat/Buchanan bp 31 Mar 1844 CE Maitland d 29 Jan 1925.3152 Tambar Springs reg Gunnedah bu CE Pilliga General Cem m 30 June 1859.2252 CE St Pauls M James SLACK-SMITH reg as Smith James Slack b 2 Dec 1836 EM d 21 May 1888 Pilliga ? reg as James Smith d 1888.9629 Gundagai age 60 years bu 3 May CE Pilliga General Cem [F James Slack M Mary Mack]

[4.] Alexander b 1 Aug 1844 d 11 Jul 1849 Buchanan NO ISSUE

[5.] John b 3 Jan 1846 Maitland d 3 Feb 1904 Taylor St WM reg as Legett 1904.1970 WM m as Legget 30 Jul 1872.2557 Brooks Flat reg M Emma (Groves) b 18 Apr 1851 NSW d 5 June 1944.9910 M reg Kurri Kurri [F William Alfred Groves b 20 Dec 1813 Yks England d 1889 Buttai NSW bu East Maitland Glebe m 1 Dec 1837 Butterwick ? Yks M Alice Hawkins b c 1814 Yks d 1894 NSW bu East Maitland Glebe]

6. Alexander b 1 Sep 1849 reg as Liggat V 1849.37A.2831 d 25 Oct 1922.18244 West Maitland m 7 Jan 1899.1346 WM Sarah (Ellis) nee Clarke b c 1849 d 1935.10491 West Maitland [F Henry M Jane]. Sarah Clarke m (1) 1888.5783 WM Alexander ELLIS b c 1849 d 1894.7969 West Maitland [F George M Rachel]

[7.] Robert b 12/16 June Buchanan bp CE Kurri Kurri 1851.161.615 d 31 Jan 1927.2757 Kurri Kurri age 75 years m 16 Jul 1881.4664 Wesleyan Parsonage West Maitland Janet Isabel/la (Hooper) b 13 Jul 1861 bp 8 Sep 1861 St Andrews Pres Hobart d 10 Dec 1917.15456 Kurri Kurri [F Charles Hooper b c 1824 England d ? Oct 1873 at sea M Janet Mackey]

8. James b 3 Jul bp 1853.39A.3642 d 29 Jul 1932.A14632 Kurri Kurri age 78 years bu Uniting Ch Mulbring m 4 June 1879.3656 M Charlotte Hobartia (Abel) b 23 Nov 1852 Hobart d 29 Oct 1919.25315 Kurri Kurri bu as C Obarsha in her 66th year [F Thomas M Obarsha]

[9.]Thomas b 7 Nov 1855 d 25/29 Jan 1934.3996 Kurri Kurri age 78 years bu CE Cem Mulbring m 7 Aug 1879.3670 Buchanan reg M Elizabeth (Hooper) d 17 Dec 1944 reg 1945.22338 Sydney age 87 years bu CE Cem Mulbring Buried - CoE Cemetery, Mulbring, NSW, Australia Headstone Inscription: "In Loving Memory Of, Thomas Leggett, Died 25th January 1934, Aged 78 Years, Also Elizabeth Leggett, Died 17th Dec 1944, Aged 87 Years, Also James McCulloch Leggett Beloved son of the above, Died 16th January 1896, Aged 9 years and 10 months." Buried - CoE Cemetery, Mulbring, NSW, Australia Headstone Inscription: "In Loving Memory Of, Thomas Leggett, Died 25th January 1934, Aged 78 Years, Also Elizabeth Leggett, Died 17th Dec 1944, Aged 87 Years, Also James McCulloch Leggett Beloved son of the above, Died 16th January 1896, Aged 9 years and 10 months."

Details of Leggett family are from Diane Hough and Raymond Cork per GenesReunited

Maternal Line

MGF James Cloughley b c 1790 Northern Ireland alive 1841

MGM Mary (Jenkins) b c 1790 Northern Ireland alive 1841

Siblings of Ellen Cloughley: 1. James b 1816 Ballymore m Mary Ann (Smith) 2. Mary b 1821 native of Ballymore Co Armagh arrived under Samuel's protection Feb 1842 on "Agnes" age 20 years

1.2 Thomas Place STEVENS see STEVENS 2.2.7

Father Samuel STEVENS b 1807 Radford Notts England d 22 Mar 1861 East Maitland NSW

m 14 Nov 1836 St Peter Radford

Mother Eliza (Place) b 1806 Leicester d 30 Jan 1891 East Maitland NSW

Both parents arrived Sydney with 2 of Thomas' siblings 6 October 1848 on "Agincourt"

1.3 Charles John ELLIS

Father David John ELLIS bp 1839.160.2195 CE Hunter Valley Warehouseman Informant then of 44 Darlinghurst Road Sydney death 1889 Henrietta Button; Churchwarden St Peters East Maitland MM 8 Nov 1879 [BLHI] d 1907.15392* "Eastbourne" Carr St Coogee reg Randwick Cause:Cerebral Haemorrhage 4 hours bu 4 Oct 1907 CE Cem Long Bay age 68 years Informant son Charles Jno arrived NSW c 1858

m (1) 1859.2331 Maitland

Mother Caroline Frances "Fanny" (Button) bp 1836.20.681 CE St Johns Parramatta d 5 Jan 1866.4813* Newcastle St East Maitland Cause: Inflammation of Right Lung ending in Suppuration (Primary), Disease (Secondary) bu 7 Jan 1866 CE Burial Ground Hexham Informant David John Ellis then of West Maitland

Sibling of Charles John Ellis: [1.] Sidney Walter b c 1857 Hexham Cabinet Maker d 17 Jul 1924.13013* Rookwood Asylum reg Granville Cause: Diabetes Inanination age 67 years bu 19 Jul 1924 Rookwood CE Cem Informant Albert T Lord Clerk m 1881.4612 East Maitland Hannah (Kedwell) Issue: 1.1. Sydney Herbert b 1881.19811 East Maitland 1.2. Elsie C b 1883.22228 East Maitland d 1920.14053 West Maitland 1.3. Florence E b 1885.24753 East Maitland 1.4. Alfred C b 1886.25701 East Maitland d 1890.7610 East Maitland [F Sydney] 1.5. Albury P D b 1889.25796 East Maitland 1.6. Charles b 1895.33838 also 1 male 1 female Deceased [DC 1924]

2. Frances J b 1864.10141 Maitland

David John Ellis m (2) 1873.2920 West Maitland Christine Mary (Beatty) bp as Christina M 1848.33A.2579 Hunter Dist [F John M Jane] d 1887.10117 West Maitland Issue most born Maitland: a. Elizabeth b 1873.13131 b. Arthur Herbert b 1876.14255 d 1882.9490 East Maitland NO ISSUE c. Florence Ada b 1880.17364 d. George F L b 1883.22452 West Maitland

David John Ellis m (3) 1889.1308 Sydney Sarah (Button) d ?1900.14162 Randwick [F William M Margaret] NO ISSUE

David John Ellis m (4) 1901.5443 Sydney Elizabeth de Vere (Turner) NO ISSUE

Paternal Line


PGM Julia (??)

Maternal Line

MGF Charles Frederick [Fitzachery DC] BUTTON b c 1794 ? d 1854.41A 2306* CE Christ Ch Hexham age 60 Army Captain 46th Regt/ Cap of HMS Navy 1881

m c 1817 Ceylon

MGM Henrietta Thomasin/a (Fretz) b c 1799 Ceylon d 1 June1889.928* at 44 Darlinghust Road Sydney Cause: Senile Decay 8 years age 90 years bu 3 June 1889 CE Cem Rookwood

Both arrived Australia pre 1836

Siblings of Caroline Francis Button: 1. Henrietta Maria b c 1818 ? Ceylon/East India m ? (1) as Anna M V1853.81.225/V1853.73C.2380 Pres St Andrews Scots Ch Sydney. Anna M (Smith) m ? 1869.1090 Sdyney John LEESON d 25 Aug 1891 at 85 Mullens Street Sydney reg 1891.3058* Balmain [F & M Unknown] Cause: Heart Disease Death was Sudden bu 27 Aug 1891 CE Cem Rookwood Informant John Leeson Widower Balmain NO ISSUE

[2.] Charles Frederick b as Frederick Charles G Hexham bp 1841.25A 1795 CE Merriwa; Paterson; Muswellbrook d 10 Nov 1876.8026* Gulgong Cause: Accident Concussion of Brain through falling down shaft 28 hours age 35 years bu 11 Nov 1876 Episcopalian Cem Gulgong Informant brother Alfred Charles Button m as Butters 1874.3126 Gulgong Margaret (Kennedy) Issue: 2.1. Henrietta Sarah b 1875.15283 Gulgong 2.2. ? Charlotte M b 1877.1364 Sydney

3. Alfred Charles b c 1830 Hyderabad India d 11 Jan 1881 Grosvenor Terrace Church Hill reg Sydney 1881.109* Cause: Abscess of Liver of several weeks duration [ M Hennetta index] bu 17 Jan 1881 CE Cem Necropolis Informant Sarah wife then of 7 Grosvenor Terrace Church Hill; Informant then living Sydney death 2 above; Civil Service Residence Wynard Square m 17 Jul 1873.722* Holy Trinity CE Sydney (Witnesses: John Williams, Louisa Williams, R W Roberts, J M Beynon Jackson) Sarah (Martin) Residence King St Sydney widow b pre 1852 Liverpool England [Father William Starkey Bridge Collector Mother Margaret Hetherington] NO ISSUE

Possible Sibling of Henrietta T Fretz: Hans C Fretz m 1845.30B.78 CE St Phillips Sydney Ann (Wright)

Issue: a. Annie I bp V1846.48.1471 d as infant Anne I V1846.102/2056 NSW/Ann I 1846.104.312 NSW NO ISSUE b. Eliza F bp V1847.45C.6166/V1847.49.325 c. Anne bp V1848.45.6400/V1848.49.1393

Possible Relation: Rosa Fretz d 18 Nov 1975.29855 Willoughby reg NSW [M Katherine] also SMH 20 Nov 1975

1.4 Henry William SYMONDS

Father Henry SYMONDS b c 1837 Guernsey Channel Islands d 1 Oct 1917.15047* King St Singleton Cause: Intestinal Obstruction, Senility age 80 years bu 2 Oct 1917 CE Cem Wittingham Singleton Informant son (H) W Symonds Singleton Labourer [William Draper DC 1949 son Henry W]

m c 1869 Guernsey Channel Islands

Mother Elizabeth Ann (Wheeler) b c 1848 Guernsey d 15 Sep 1928.15921* Railway St Taree Cause : Pneumonia 4 days, Senile Myocarditis age 79 years bu 17 Sep 1928 CE Dawson River Cem near Taree Informant son Henry Symonds [Burial Witnesses Henry Symonds, William Symonds]

Siblings of Henry W Symonds all born Channel Islands:

[1.]Ada Ethel b c 1872 St Peters Port Guernsey m as Ada Ethel 5 Apr 1899.4364* All Saints CE Singleton John COOPER b c 1870 Ravensworth [F Ralph Cooper d pre 1899 Farmer Mother Catherine Manning] Issue: all born Singleton: 1.1. Catherine b 1900.417 1.2. Elizabeth A b 1902.7197 1.3. Roy M b 1910.32122 1.4. Allan H b 1913.20305 1.5. Beryl L b 1917.8948

[2.]William b c 1877 d as William G 1932.8514 Singleton burial witness death 1928 E A Symonds ? m as William G 1898.4171 Singleton Mary (Wake). Mary Symonds witness m 1899 Ada E above Issue all born Singleton: 2.1. William L b 1898.25666 2.2. Doris V b 1899.34803 2.3. Gladys b 1902.36105 2.4. Norman S b 1905.37840 2.5. Muriel P b 1907.40316 2.6. Ernest M b 1910.201292 2.7. Myra R b 1912.9921 2.8. Eric J b 1914.46273 2.9. Hessel I b 1916.3079 2.10. Clive A 1918.3826

Henry, Elizabeth, Henry William, Ada and William above arrived Sydney 3 Apr 1879 as Assisted Immigrants on "Clyde" Reel 2490. Relation of Henry in Australia was Mrs Cole of Singleton

Paternal Line


m1826 St Peters Port Guernsey

PGM Elizabeth (Boyce)

Siblings of Henry Symonds b c 1837: 1. John Henry b as Symonds 1826 2. Mary Elizabeth b as Symonds 1828 3. Charlotte b as Symonds 1829 4. James Henry b as Symonds 1831 5. Elizabeth Ann Fowler b as Symonds 1834 6. William Henry Symons b 1836 d 1915 Christmas Creek NZ never married [7.] George [Albert] Simmons b as Symonds 1839 m (1) 1866/C104 Qld Maria Selina (Bougoure) d as Simmonds 1879/568 Qld [F Daniel M Amelia Leminant] Issue: 7.1. Mary b ? d 1867 /C275 Qld 7.2. George Henry b 1869/C847 Qld d as Symons 1870/C574 Qld 7.3. Amy Selina b ? d 1890/C1249 Qld. George Simmons m (2) 1881/C317 Qld Margaret (Baillie) 8. Maria Ann b as Symonds 1841

Details of this family are from Jennifer Simmonds per Genes Reunited

Maternal Line


MGM Harriet (La Page)

1.6 Alexander CARR

Father Alexander CARR b c 1822 Wheelwright, Carpenter DC son 1947 d 22 Aug 1882.10115* entry 661 McDonalds Hole reg Rylstone NSW Cause: Fracture of the Skull (Accident) 3 days bu ? Rosewall Swamp Burial Witness Edwin Firth age 62 years [F and M unknown] Informant W J Gallagher JP Capertree

m after Banns 8 May 1843 entry 314 Par Ch Bolton Le....cess reg ? June qtr 1843 Bolton Lancs 21.56* Both X their Mark (Witnesses: Willm Morris, James ? Listrot) Both of Little Bolton

Mother Agnes as Whalley (Waller) b pre 1822 d 22 Jul 1875 at her residence Tyne St Oamaru NZ bu 25 Jul 1875 Oamarua Old Cem Block 11 Plot 41-2

Census England 7 June 1841 HO/107/1320 F 4 p 35 Settle Yks: Alexander Carr 15 Wheelwright Apprentice in house of John Slater 40 and wife Ruth 40 all born in County

Siblings of Alexander Carr :

[1.] Ann b as Waller 11 Jul 1841 at 8 a.m. Giggleswick [Giggleswigg DC] reg Sep qtr RD Settle West Riding Yks 23.566* Informant Mother Agnes Waller d 14 Nov 1915 Rosa St Oatley reg 1915.19281* Hurstville NSW Cause: Chronic Rheumatic Arthritis 15 years bu 16 Nov 1915 Gen Cem Waverley age 74 years informant son Alex Firth then of Hough St Waverly Old Age Pensioner arrived NZ c 1855, NSW c 1875 m 17 May 1867.16/1517* Offfice of Registrar of Marriages Oamaru NZ Edwin FIRTH age 27 Quarry Man Issue: 1.1. Annie b c 1868 1.2. Emily bc 1869 1.3. Edwin W b c 1871?NZ d 1932.12413 Randwick NSW 1.4. Alexander b c 1872 ?NZ d 1954.18787 Hurstville NSW 1.5. Frank b c 1877? NZ ? d 1953.17922 Paramatta [M Mary Ann] 1.6. Martha M b 1879.5658 Paddington NSW 1.7. Sarah B b 1881.6887 Paddington 1.8. Fred b 1883.7899 Paddington d 1885.5069 Paddington NO ISSUE 1.9. Harold b 1886.10674 Woollahra

2. William b c 1843 England d 1914 Kakanui NZ m NZ Martha (Musson) b c 1851 England d 1927 Oamaru NZ

3. Sarah b c 1845 Yks d 1927 Kumara NZ m 2 Sep 1867.1521* at dwelling house of Alexander Carr Oamaru NZ William HUNT b c 1837 England d 1925 Hokitika NZ Issue: 12 children born from 1868 -1891

4. John b c 1850 England possibly Sep qtr 1851 Settle 23.709/ Dec qtr 1852 Settle 9a.9

5. Isabella b c 1852 England possibly reg June qtr 1853 Settle 9a.11

[6.] Agnes b 1858.7168 Chilwell [Geelong DC] Vic d 26 Jul 1933.16324* at 2 Albion St Waverley Cause: Pneumococcal Pneumonia 42 days age 75 years arrived NSW c 1878 [M A Weller] bu 28 Jul Gen Cem Waverley Informant Christine Heaton dau of same address; Agnes witness m 1895 brother Alexander; Informant death 1929 sister in law Eliza Carr m (1) Oamaru NZ age 18 [c1876] John MUNRO Issue: 6.1. John b ? d 1877.883 Sydney NSW 6.2. Sidney J b 1878.1341 Sydney ? d pre 1933 6.3. Frederick James b 1880.1904 Sydney 6.4. William H ? b as Unnamed 1882.26264 Orange 6.5. Christina b 1886.2451 Sydney m (1) 1907.9020 Waverley Charles E HIAM. Christina Hiam m (2) 1923.15496 Waverley Albert H HEATON

Agnes Munro m (2) 1889.2922 Waverley NSW Thomas WILLIAMS NO ISSUE

7. Mary b 1861.4234 Campbells Creek Vic

8. Mary Jane b c 1871 Oamaru NZ

Alexander and Agnes and children 1-5 arrived Melbourne Vic January 1857 on "Arabian"

Alexander and son William arrived Otago NZ August 1864 on "Omeo"

Paternal Line

PGF William CARR b c 1795 England

m (1) England

PGM Unknown

William CARR m (2) England Mary (Briercliffe) b c 1798 England

Maternal Line

PGF Unknown

PGM Agnes Waller b c 1806 Westmoreland PR

Details of this family are from Paulette Mauchline of NZ per Genes Reunited and Ron Berry of NSW