The Whaite Family History

From Coddington to Sydney NSW via Manchester

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Families 7.13 to 7.33

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Revised 24 August 2014

7.13 ex 6.9.1b Family of John Harry WHAITE and Alice (Blakeney)

1. George b 29 June 1882 entry 47 at 93 Hatherton St Walsall reg Sep qtr 1882 6b.694* Staffs [Father John Harry Artist] Informant A Whaite Mother d 3 Sep 1882 at 93 Hatherton St reg Sep qtr 1882 Walsall 6b.376* Cause: Diahorrhoea, Meningitis age 9 weeks Informant Alice Whaite mother present at death NO ISSUE

2. George b 5 Mar 1884 entry 298 at 93 Hatherton St reg June qtr 1884 Walsall 6b.741* [F Harry Photographer] reg 17 Apr 1884 Informant Alice Mother formerly Blakeney d 27 Oct 1884 at sea on SS "Kildare" Cause: Abscess on the Brain reg 15 Dec 1884.2043* Hobart Tas Australia age 8 months [only details say "Parents passengers on S S Kildare"] Informant: Jno Johnson Master of SS Kildare NO ISSUE

Census 3 April 1881 RG11/2826 f 100 p 14 Walsall Foreign at Hawkins Court behind 97 Hatherton St: Henry Waite Head 22 b Burnly Artist (PR), Alice Waite wife 21 b Wolverhampton

Directory Kelly's Walsall 1884: Henry Whaite Photographer Hawkins Court behind 93 Hatherton St Walsall

Details of the only Australian child are in Part Four: Harry in Australia

7.14 ex 6.9.2 Family of Sarah (Whaite) and Thomas CATLOW

1.Gertrude b April/8 May 1881 [DC] reg June qtr 1881 Burnley 8e.250 d Dec 1974 Romney Hampshire 20.1055 age 93 years m June qtr 1908 Fylde 8e.491 Godfrey Thomas BRADLEY b Habergham Eaves reg Mar qtr 1872 Burnley 8e.194 d Sep qtr 1948 Chichester Sussex 5h.399 age 77 years see 8.13

2. Albert b 1882 d 18 Oct 1886 reg Dec qtr 1886 Burnley 8c.131 age 3 years NO ISSUE

3. Thomas Howard b 1885 d 19 Oct 1886 reg Dec qtr 1886 Burnley 8e.132 age 1 year NO ISSUE

4.Arthur b 24 Oct reg Dec qtr 1893 Burnley 8e.216 dm Lytham reg Dec qtr 1913 Fylde 8e.1237 Freda =Frieda (Bradley) b St Annes on the Sea Lancs reg as Freda Dec qtr 1889 Fylde 8e.675 d Lytham reg as Freda Mar qtr 1933 Fylde 8e.9838 see 8.14

5.Harold Whaite b 15 Mar 1895 Padiham reg June 1895 Burnley 8e.259 /Bradley has June qtr 1895 8e.213 Burnley as Harold d Jul reg Sep 1980 Blackpool & Flyde 40.0780 age 85 years m Oct 1918 reg Dec qtr 1918 Fylde 8e.1262 Phyllis E (Jones) b 26 Mar 1897 [DC] d Dec qtr 1985 Blackpool & Fylde 40.922 Issue: Joan, John

Census 3 April 1881 RG11/4151 f 89 p3 Habergham Eaves at 39 Rowley St: Thomas Catlow Head age 21 years b Burnley Cotton Overlocker, Sarah M age 23 years b Duckenfield Cotton Weaver

Census 5 April 1891 RG12/3367 f 119 p 15 Sched 86 Burnley Habergham Eaves at 39 Rowley St: Thomas Catlow [Arah Callen index] Head 31 b Burnley Cotton Overlocker, Sarah [Grana Callen index] wife 34 b Dunkenfield Cheshire, Gertrude [Catherin index] dau 9 Scholar b Burnley, Elizabeth H Whaite [3.8.4] 28 sister in law b Manchester

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/3874 no f p12 Sched 90 Habergham All Saints Lowerhouse Burnley at 826 Padiham Road: Thomas Catlow Head M 40 Cotton Trade Employer b Burnley, Sarah wife 43 b Cheshire NK, Gertrude dau 19 b Burnley, Harold son 6 b Padiham, Arthur son 8 b Burnley

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/25392 RG78 PN1453 RD477SD2n186 Fylde Lytham: at 9 Eddington Road: Thomas Catlow Head 52 Cotton Manufacturer b Burnley, Sarah wife married 31 years 53 b Dukinfield Cheshire, Arthur son Single 18 Cloth Salesman b Burnley, Harold son Single 16 Book Keeper b Padiham, Annie Lawrenson Single Servant 38 b Liverpool

This family has been updated by Robert Bradley

7.15 ex 6.9.3 Family of Elizabeth (Whaite) as Lockett and Benjamin HALL

1.George James Lewis [Lewis 1901 Census] b 18 June 1892 Burnley reg Sep qtr 1892 Burnley 8e.196 [M Lockley] d as George J L Mar qtr 1926 Burnley 8e.234 m as Lewis 28 Oct 1911 reg Dec qtr 1911 Burnley 8e.535 as Selian Selina (Butterworth) b as Sebina 23 Nov 1890 reg Dec qtr 1890 Burnley 8e.224 d 1954 Burnley [F James b 19 June 1864 Liskeard Cornwall m 22 Dec 1883 Burnley Jane Marshall ?Doney] see 8.15

2.Gertrude b Sep qtr 1893 Burnley 8e.233 d 1956 Burnley m (1) Charles BARTLETT poss b c 1875 Lancs NO ISSUE m (2) ?? b c 1900 FIND

3.Ida b Padiham ? reg Dec qtr 1895 Burnley 8e.225 d 1981 Bromsgrove Worcs m ?? b c 1895

4.Doris b ? Sep qtr 1900 8e.219 Burnley d 1964 Little Bispham Blackpool Lancs m ?? b c 1900

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/3874 f 17 p 25 Sched 183 Habergham Eaves at 5 Byron St: Benj Hall Head 34 b Wellington Salop [Census Image] Worcs [index] Soldier on Furlough Corporal, Eliz [as Elen index] 40 b Duckenfield Cheshire, Lewis son age 8 b Burnley, Gertrude dau 7 b Burnley, Ida dau 5 b Padiham, Doris dau 8 months b Burnley

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/24851 RG78PN1422 RD474SD2ED28 SN225 Burnley: at 23 Moore St: Benajmin Hall Head 44 Painter & Paper Hanger b Wellington Shrops, Elizabeth wife 50 b Dukinfield Cheshire, G J Lewis son Single 18 Cotton Weaver b Habergham Eaves, Gertrude dau Single 17 Cotton Weaver b Burnley, Ida dau Single 15 Cotton Weaver b Padiham, Doris 10 School b Habergham

Details of this family are from Mavis Moore per GenesReunited

7.16 ex Family of Clarence Howarth WHAITE and Mary Ann (Foster)

1. Elsie b 16 Sep 1897 reg Dec qtr 1897 Padiham reg Burnley 8e.240 d 15 Feb 1988 reg 1988 Burnley & Pendle 40.1022.288 not married

2.Ida b 31 Mar Blackburn reg June qtr 1899 reg Burnley 8e.246 d Dec qtr 1969 Darwen 10c.286 m 22 Dec 1923 reg Dec qtr 1923 Burnley 8e.40 Herbert DUCKWORTH b Mar qtr 1899 Padiham reg Burnley 8e.241 [F Nathaniel M Annie Walton] see 8.16

3.George Edward b 3 Mar 1902 reg Mar qtr 1902 Burnley 8e.231 d Mar qtr 1975 Burnley & Pendle 40.1215 m June qtr 1943 Burnley 8e.329 m Gladys Mary (Wade) b 19 Feb 1915 Oswaldtwistle reg Mar qtr 1915 Blackburn 8e.740 [M Fenton] d 25 Jan 2001.5861 HY50a 020 101 Hyndburn & Rossendale Lancs age 25 years see SF and 8.17

4.Harry b 28 Jul 1905 reg Sep qtr 1905 Burnley 8e.223 d 6 Jul 1967 ? reg Sep qtr 1968 Burnley 10b.655 m (1) 5 May 1928 Uncoat reg June qtr 1928 Burnley 8e.481 Susannah (Stevenson) b 10 Nov 1906 Accrington reg Dec qtr 1906 Haslingden 8e.135 [F Thomas M Angelina Harwood] d 30 Apr 1932 reg June qtr 1932 Burnley 8e.197 age 25 years see 8.18. Harry Whaite m (2) Dec qtr 1933 Burnley 8e.459 Margarte (Bremner) b 3 Apr 1902 d as Margaret Mar qtr 1981 Burnley & Pendle 40.1063 NO ISSUE

5.Alice b Dec qtr 1912 Burnley 8e.381 d 1986 Bexley Kent m Mar qtr 1932 Burnley 83.326 Joseph DUST possibly b 14 Jan 1909 reg Mar qtr 1909 Burnley 8e.223 d June qtr 1971 Bexley 5a.406 Kent; moved to Sidcup Kent until 1935 see 8.19

6.Freda b 5 Dec 1916 Padiham reg Mar qtr 1917 Burnley 8e.291 d 5 Oct 2002 Eccles reg Warrington m 12 Dec 1942 reg Dec qtr 1942 Burnley 8e.300 Henry Joseph KEEFE b 21 Feb 1921 reg Mar qtr 1921 Chorlton 8e.1489 d 14 Apr 1999 Eccles reg Salford see 8.20

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/3878 f 50 p15 Sched 90 Padiham: at 3 Bright St: Clarance Haworth Whaite Head M 29 Cotton Weaver b Burnley, Mary Ann M 28 Cardroom Hand Cotton Spinning b Lancaster, Elsie dau 3 b Padiham, Ida dau 2 b Padiham

Census 2 April 1911 Padiham: at 14 Stone Moore Bottom: House of 4 rooms signed Mary Ann Whaite most b Padiham: Clarence Howarth Whaite Head 39 Cotton Weaver b Burnley, Mary Ann wife 38 b Lancaster Married 14 years 4 children all living, Elsie 13 dau Cotton Weaver, Ida 12 dau School, George Edward 9 son School, Harry 5 son School, William Foster 19 brother in law Single Cotton Weaver b Brierfield Lancs, Christopher Foster 17 brother in law Single Cotton Weaver b Brierfield

Details of this family from Christine Keefe per Genes Reunited and some of 3 and 4 from Eric Peasey both per Genes Reunited

7.17 ex 6.10.2 Family of James Bowker WHAITE and Martha Jane (Riley)

1. Jane b post 31 Mar 1901

2. Florence b post 31 Mar 1901

3.? Fred b Mar qtr 1920 Burnley 8e.384 [M Riley]

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/3870 f 93 p 30 Sched 167 Burnley Ashton under Lyne: James Bowker Whaite 27 Head M, Marthe J wife 25

Census 2 April 1911 RG 14/4843 RG14PN24843 RG78PN1422 RD472 SD2 ED20 SN77 Burnley both b Burnley: at 124 Athol Street: James Bowker Head 37 Assurance Agent, Martha Jane 35 married 13 years

Details of this family are from a descendent of Jane - Alessandra Whaite/Figucio  per Genes Reunited

7.18 ex 6.10.3 Family of Albert WHAITE and Mary Emma (Crook)

1. Edith b as Crook at 84 Friargate reg Dec qtr 1900 Preston reg 8e.675 [F Unknown]

2.George Albert b 16 Jan 1906 entry ?87 at 16 Lincoln St SD North Preston reg Mar qtr 1906 8e.547* County Borough of Preston d 13 Jan 1979 Ward 4 Victoria Hospital Blackpool reg Mar qtr 1979 Blackpool/F 40.04560 crem Carleton Crem Blackpool; Informant living 29 Auburn Grove Blackpool death 1943 father; m 10 Nov 1931 reg Dec qtr 1931 Fylde 8e.1249 Mabel Cicely (Crane) b 7/17 Apr 1907 Mill Cottage Staining near Blackpool reg June qtr 1907 Fylde 8e.681Normanton Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, EnglandNormanton Yorkshire, West Yorkshire, England d 4 Feb 1977 at 29 Auburn Grove Blackpool Mar qtr 1977 Blackpool/F 40.0583 see SF and 8.21

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/25245 RG78PN1446 RD 476 ED2 SN73 Preston: at 72 Miller Road: Albert Whaite Head 37 Electric Car Driver b Burnley, Mary Emma wife married 12 years 38 House Wife b Penwortham Preston, Edith Crook dau 10 School b Preston, George Albert Crook 5 School b Preston

7.19 ex 6.10.4 Family of Fred WHAITE and Sarah Ellen (Clayton)

1.Ellen b Padiham reg Dec qtr 1905 Burnley 8e.201 [age 14 years 5 months Shipping record 1920] m c 1927 USA Ralph Fred PIERCE b c 1904 Washington USA see 8.21

2. Ethel b Dec qtr 1909 Burnley 8e.214 not in New York Arrivals 1822-1957; left Liverpool 30 Apr 1920 age 10 Scholar on “Carmania” for New York [Passengers leaving UK 1890-1960]

3. George b 4 Apr 1911 Padiham reg June qtr 1911 Burnley 8e.205? [age 9 years 10 months Shipping record 1920] d 30 June 1994 late of Escondido California Zip 92026 USA Social Security No. 533014404 issued Washington

4. Horace b c 1920 ?? USA [Christine Holmes]

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/24868 RG78PN1423 RD 472 SD 3 ED 8 SN219 Burnley Padiham: at 31 Shakespear Street: Fred Whaite Head 33 Cotton Weaver b Burnley, Sarah Ellen wife married 11 years 34 Home Duty b Fence [about 5 miles north west Burnley] Lancs, Ellen dau 5 School b Padiham Lancs, Ethel dau 1 b Padiham, Carolina Clayton Boarder Single 36 Cotton Weaver b Fence [sister of Sarah E], Louisa Clayton 33 Cotton Weaver b Fence [sister of Sarah E], James Single 17 Cotton Weaver b Padiham

Parents with Ellen, Ethel and George emigrated to USA leaving Liverpool 30 April 1920 on "Carmania" for New York

Census USA 1930 Roll 2517 Page 17A Enum dist 70 Image 534.0 Spokane Spokane Washington at Fiske St: Fred Whaite Head M 52 b England Labourer Lumber Yard, Sarah E 53 b England, George 19 Single Machinist Ice Making Factory; also crossed out as "not residents at this address" Fred Pierce [= Ralp F] 25 son in law, Ellen Pierce 24 dau 1 above

7.20 ex 6.11.3 Family of Gertrude Olive (Whaite) and Albert POWELL

1. Rene b Sep qtr 1894 Truro 5c.138 Cornwall

2. John Whaite b Mar qtr 1897 Islington 1b.364

3. Albert b c 1900 Manchester reg ?? Mar qtr 1900 Ashton 8d.564/June qtr 1901 Wigan 8c.88/Sep 1898 Salford 8d.44 and other records ? d pre Census 1911

4. Henry b Beaston Manchester reg Dec qtr 1901 Bolton 8c.471

5. Sydney b June qtr 1905 Kidderminster 6c.250 Worcs

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/2689 Bilston Staffs: Old Pig Market: Caravan John Powell Head 31 Travelling Showman b Birmingham, Gertrude wife 31 b Manchester, Rene 6 b Truro Cornwall, John W 4 b London, Albert 1 b Manchester

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/17481 RG78PN1069 RD 373 SD2 ED2 SN251 Stourbridge Worcs: At Fairground Foster St: Powell Albert Head married 17 years 40 Showman b Birmingham Warwick, Gertrude Wife 40 Showman b Manchester, Rene son Single 17 b Truro Cornwall, John son 14 Showman b London Islington, Henry son 11 Showman b Beaston Manchester, Sydney son 6 b Kidderminster Worcs, Harry Hobbs Servant Single 24 Electrician b Stafford Essex, Arthur Maddison Servant 30 Engine Driver b Reesby Lincoln

7.21 ex 6.12.1 Family of Frederick BLOWER and Ann (Lord)

1.Annie b c 1892

Census 31 Mar 1901 RG13/3721 f141 p1 Salford Pendleton: at Salford Union Infirmary: Frederick Blower 34 Gardener, Ann 35 wife, Annie 9 dau

Census 2 April 1911 RG14 PN23995 RD465 SD1 ED44 SN 9999 Salford Pendleton: at Salford Union Infirmary: Frederick Blower 43 Gardener and Farm Superintendent Widower, Annie dau 20 Domestic Attendant

Details of this family from Philip Whaite

7.22 ex 6.12.2 Family of Albert BLOWER and Phoebe Alice (Halliwell)

1.John b 20 Jan reg Mar qtr 1895 Bolton 8c.434 d Jul 1989 Blackpool & Fylde 401.459.789

2.Child deceased pre 1911

Census 31 Mar 1901 Bolton: RG13/3607 f16 p23 at 154 Oxford Grove: Albert Blower 31 Insurance Agend, Phoebe Alice wife 28 John son 2

Census 2 April 1911 RG14PN24452 RG78PN1403 RD469 SD1 ED14 SN223 Oldham East Oldham : at 45 Rixon Street: Albert Blower 41 Agent Clothing/Cotton Club, Phoebe 38 wife married 18 years Weaver Cotton Velvet, John 16 son Grocer also 1 child dead

Details of this family are from Philip Whaite

7.23 ex 6.13.1 Family of Adeline Mary (Whaite)

1.Olive b as Whaite 8 Oct 1905 at 42 High St South Manchester reg SD Chorlton on Medlock reg Dec qtr 1905 RD Chorlton 8c.808a* [no F] Informant living 10 Woodland Road Gorton Mother General Servant C Elliott present at birth m age 18 [ F George ? Hulls/ Stills/Stubbs Labourer] Residence 135 Albert St on 19 Apr 1924 Houghton Memorial Ch St Jeromes Par Ardwick reg June qtr 1924 Chorlton 8c.1472* James WESTON Residence 137 Albert Street age 22 Labourer b  possibly June qtr 1902 Bury 8c.574 [F George Weston Fitter] d 16 Apr 1948 reg June qtr Manchester 10e.109 age 46 years see 8.22

Details of this family are from Pamela Healy

7.24 ex Family of Adeline Mary (Whaite) and Joseph BUCKLEY

1.Joseph Henry b Mar qtr 1910 Chorlton 8c.831

2. Harold N b Mar qtr 1912 Chorlton 8c.1464

3. Elizabeth b June qtr 1914 Chorlton 8c.1500

4. Adeline b Sep qtr 1915 Chorlton 8c.1266

5. Millicent b June qtr 1920 Chorlton 8c.1609

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/23802 RG 78PN 1378C RD 464 SD2 ED 101 SN281 Chorlton Ardwick all born Manchester: at 77 Lord St Gorton: Joseph Buckley Head 29 Fitters Lab, Adeline Mary married 5 years 31, Joseph Henry son 1, Olive Winifred dau 5, Abraham Newstead Boarder M 24 Carter, Jane Whaite sister in law [6.13.10] Single 16

Details of this family are from Pamela Healy

7.25 ex 6.13.3 Family of Ernest James Septimus WHAITE and Harriet/t (Edmunds)

1.Olive b 5 Nov 1910 Ferryhill reg Dec qtr 1910 Sedgefield 10a.176 Durham d 1977 Manchester m Mar qtr 1936 Guisbro' 9d.795 Raymond CHOLMONDELEY

2.Doris b 1913 Thornley Easington/Ferryhill Durham ? 2 Oct 1914 [SSDI] /reg Sep qtr 1913 Easington 10a.979 [M Edmonds] d as Doris E 21 Jan 1997 age 72 Death Cert Observed Soc Sec No 181-05-9006 issued Pennsylvania USA Social Security Death Index m Mar qtr 1935 Guisbro' 9d.851 Jack ROBINSON Issue: Peter

3.Ernest Brownlow b 9 Dec SSDI Hathern reg as Ernest B Mar qtr 1916 Loughborough 7a.208 [M Edmonds] Leicester ? d 9 May 1994 07739 South Amboy/Hazlet Monmouth NJ USA Soc Sec No 147-24-3343 New Jersey USA Social Security Death Index; 1943 Crane Driver 1943 m (1) 8 Apr 1939 North Ormesby Middlesbro Nth Yks reg June qtr 1939 Middlesbro' 9d.1441 Frances (Harvey) b 17 Sep 1915 North Ormesby Middlesboro d 21 Nov 1943 North Ormesby reg Dec qtr 1943 Middlesbro 9d.678 age 28 years see 8.23. Ernest B Whaite m (2) post 1943 ? USA Mary (Chester) no record up to end of 1948 and moved c 1948 to Perth South Amboy New Jersey USA see 8.24

4. Phyllis [Christine Whaite]

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/29694 RG78PN1720 RD 546 SD2 Ed13 SN64 Sedgefield Cornforth: at 3 Dunedin Terrace Ferryhill: Whaite Ernest James Septimus Head married 2 years 28 Manager of Picture b Hulme Manchester, Harriet wife 36 Money Taker b Leicester, Olive dau 0 (5 months) b Ferryhill Durham, Jennie Scott Servant Single 16 b Shornley Durham

Ernest James Whaite late of 50 Redcar St. South Bank Middlesboro Nth Yorks left Southampton for New York on "Berengaria" and arrived USA 18 Feb 1923 [New York Arrivals 1820-1957]. He paid for his own passage to America with the intention of becoming an American citizen. Description: 5’3” tall / fair complexion brown hair blue eyes was going to join his brother in law Edward Longbotham of 271 South St Perth Amboy, New Jersey

His wife Harriet Whaite and 3 children were living with her father John Edmunds of Central Hall Redcar Nth Yorks when they left Liverpool c Mar 1923 on "Celtic" to join him. Another possible entry Harriet Whaite b c 1885 Leicester arrived New York from Liverpool 25 Apr 1939 on “Scythia “ Friend Mrs E Longbottom

Details of this family are from Pamela Healy

7.26 ex 6.13.4 Family of Gertrude Olive (Whaite) and John Charles GALLEY

1. Phyllis b c October 1910 reg Dec qtr 1910 Chorlton 8c.842

2. Doris b Sep qtr 1912 Chorlton 8c.1588

3. John C b Mar qtr 1915 Chorlton 8c.1388

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/23882RG78PN1380A RD464 SD4 ED17 SN59 Chorlton Hulme all born Manchester: at 90 Embden Street: John Galley Head 26 Window Cleaner, Olive married 2 years 25, Phyllis 0 (6 Months)

Details of this family are from Pamela Healy

7.27 ex 6.13.5 Family of Edgar Brownlow WHAITE and Mary (Worthington)

1. Albert Edgar b 1 Oct 1912 entry 183 at 1 Carey St South Manchester reg Dec qtr 1912 Chorlton upon Medlock 8c.1573* Informant mother reg 7 Nov 1912 [F Collier] d June qtr 1933 Bucklow 8a.230 age 20 years

2.Arthur Ernest b 2 Jan 1914 entry 144 at 51 Green St South Manchester SD Gorton reg Mar qtr 1914 Chorlton 8c.1391* Informant E B Whaite Journeyman Window Cleaner d 29 Jul 1977 at 3 Castle Cottages Bangor Co Down Northern Ireland Cause: Ruptured Aortic Aneurysm age 63 years Finance Officer Civil Service; Office Manager Cycle Company age 26 years Residence 67 Cyprus Street Stretford m 15 June 1940 Methodist Ch Maitland Avenue Barton Moor reg June qtr 1940 Manchester 8d.1302* (Witnesses: Aubrey F Rooke, Doris York) Doris Francis (Rooke) Residence 556 Kings Road Stretford Representative Office Requisites age 27 years b 10 Sep 1912 reg Dec qtr 1912 Chorlton 8c.1642 [F Aubrey Piercy deceased Salesman Musical Instruments] after marriage lived at 556 Kings Road Stretford d 1 Jan 1985 Sunderland Vol 2 p 2144 Reg No 185 Tyne & Wear see SF and 8.26

Details of this family are from Stella Elder a family member and Pamela Healy

7.28 ex 6.13.6 Family of Elizabeth Eva (Whaite) and Abraham NEWSTEAD

1. Violet b 1910 Chorlton Mar qtr 1910 8c.759 possibly d June qtr 1930 Brighton 2b.267 age 20 years

Census 2 April 1911 Abraham Newstead living with Joseph Buckley & family at 77 Lord St Gorton

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/23701 RD464 SD1 ED44 SN9999 Chorlton Didsbury: at South Manchester Workhouse and Infirmary Nell Lane Withington: Eva Newstead Inmate M 18 b Manchester; separate entry Violet Newstead Patient 1 b Manchester

Details of this family are from Pamela Healy

7.29 ex 6.13.7 Family of Alice Florence (Whaite) and George Sinclair HALL

1.Vera L b June qtr 1916 Chorlton 8c.1317

2.Barbara M b Dec qtr 1924 Chorlton 8c.1125

Details of this family are from Pamela Healy

7.30 ex 6.13.10 Family of Jane (Whaite) and George A BELL

1.Doris b Mar qtr 1923 Chorlton 8c.1254

2.Arthur b Mar qtr 1924 Chorlton 8c.1291 [M Whait]

3.Muriel b June qtr 1925 Manchester S 8d.309

Details of this family are from Pamela Healy

7.31 ex 6.14.1 Family of Clara (Richardson) and John Christopher RODD

1.Christopher Thomas b Dec qtr 1888 Cardiff 11a.330 m Sep qtr 1911 Cardiff 11a.709 Mary Ann (Monks) see 8.27

2.Florence May b Dec qtr 1890 Cardiff 11a.249 ?? went to New York 1916

3.Child from previous records now missing

4.William Harold b June qtr 1894 Cardiff 11a.346 m Mar qtr 1916 Cardiff 11a.758 Florence (Manley/M Lyneey) see 8.28

5.Albert J b c 1896 ? reg as Albert E June qtr 1896 Cardiff 11.356

6.Arthur Victor b Mar qtr 1898 Cardiff 11.438 m as Arthur V ? June qtr 1924 Cardiff 11a.689 Phyllis R (Morris) see 8.29

7.Annie Maud b Abertridwr reg June qtr 1900 Pontypridd 11a.501

8.Clara Rosina b Dec qtr 1902 Cardiff 11a.414a m Sep qtr 1923 Cardiff 11a.747 Thomas H LEWIS see 8.30

Details of some of this family from Christopher Lewis per World Connect

7.32 ex 6.15.1 Family of Sarah Elizabeth (Richardson) and Rene John Justin TRAVERS

All births Cheetham reg Prestwich

1.Hubert Jeffrey b 24 Oct 1883 Cheetham reg Dec qtr 1883 Prestwich 8d.377

2.Emma Barbara b Sep qtr 1885 Prestwich 8d.384 m Dec qtr 1907 Chorlton 8c.1451 Joseph Byrne MORAN

3.Gustave Eugene b Sep qtr 1887 Prestwich 8d.406

4.Marie Eugenie b Dec qtr 1889 Prestwich 8d.391 d Sep qtr 1900 Prestwich 8d.273 age 10 years NO ISSUE

5.Florence Adrienne M b Mar qtr 1892 Prestwich 8d.387

6.Annie Elizabeth b Sep qtr 1893 Prestwich 8d.380

7.Joseph Rene b June qtr 1896 Prestwich 8d.415

8.Lucie Madeline b Dec qtr 1897 Prestwich 8d.401

Census 2 April 1911 RG14PN24189 RG78PN1388 RD467 SD1 ED19 SN225 Prestwich Cheetham: at 363 Cheetham Hill Road: Anne Travers widow 83 b France, [all others b Manchester] Elizabeth widow daughter-in-law 47, Hubert grandson Single 27 Engine Fitter Mechanical, Gustave grandson Single 23 Assistant Teacher, Florence grand-dau Single 19 Milliner, Annie grand-dau Single 17 Blouse Maker and Rene grandson Single 14 school Census 2 April 1911 RG14PN23660 RG78PN1377 RD464 SD1 ED3 SN174 Chorlton Didsbury: at 5 Baldock Road all born Manchester: Joseph Moran Head 37 Designer for Calico Prints, Emma wife 25 marr 3 years, Kathleen dau 1 Census 2 April 1911 RG14PN33918 RG78PN1959 RD619 SD2 ED4 SN99 Holywell Flint: at York Cottage Penyball: Eleanor Mary Ann Moran Head widow 58 Grocer b Manchester, Clare May Eleanor dau Single 26 Teacher Government b Stretford, Eleanor Mary dau Single 18 Music Student born Stretford, Lucy Travers Visitor 13 school b Cheetham

Details of this family are from Jonathon Brownhill

7.33 ex 6.19.1 Family of Mary Emma (Wignall) and John SMITH

1.Mary b 27 June 1912 ? reg Sep qtr 1912 Prestwich 8d.624 Manchester d 2005 Manchester m 23 Mar 1940 reg Mar qtr 1940 Manchester 8d.1198 Charles William HILTON b ? Mar qtr 1910 Manchester 8d.280 d 26 Mar 1988 Manchester see 8.31

Details of this family are from June Hector per GenesReunited

Further generations are available for family members, but only for those families whose entry ends with see 8…..