The Whaite Family History

From Coddington to Sydney NSW via Manchester

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Anthes Family Part 2

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Fourth Generation

Entries for 4.1 and 4.5 are under revision


4.6 ex 3.5.2 Family of Albert Victor Frederick EMMETT and Alexandria M (Bryant)

All births Bathurst and F Albert V

1.Ronald J b 1912.39569 [M Alexanderia]

2.Norma L b 1915.52378 [ M Alexandra] ? m 1933.8618 Bathurst Eric W KING

3.Richard E b 1915.52379 ? twin of Norma 2 above

4.Hazel J b 1917.47925

5.Robert Gerald b ? d 1959.10141 Auburn [M Alexandra]


4.7 ex 3.6.1 Family of Percival James C ANTHES and Eliza Jane Ann/e (Roberts)

1.James William b 1908 Woonona d 1968.42082 Wollongong m 1933.4579 Lithgow Eileen M (Wilson)

2.Arthur Louis b 1910.22135 Woonona m 1937.16892 Sydney Marjorie Ethel (Beare)

3.Dorothy May b 1912.24128 Woonona m 1938.11257 Lithgow Thomas PATE

4.Leslie b 1914.9219 Wollongong m 1936.10639 Lithgow Amelia Dunn (Currie)

5.Cecil b 1917.26597 Lithgow m 1939.2340 Canterbury Enid Laura (Johnston)

6.Alfred Richard b post 1918 m 1944.10405 Lithgow Jean Noelene (Collett)


4.8 ex 3.6.2 Family of Olga Catherine (Anthes) and Thomas J G FORD

Most births Woonona

1.Alice b as Anthes 1903.27312 Sydney [M Olga]

2.David Gilbert b 1906.9655 d 1973.5804 Sutherland ? m 1942.23215 Marrickville Frances Mary (Parsons)

3.Lavinia A b 1907.31258

4.Thomas D b 1915.33820 Bulli


4.9 ex 3.6.3 Family of John ANTHES and Jessie (Nicholson)

All births Lithgow

1.Ivy L b 1907.25561 m 1925.3303 Lithgow Howard LAMB

2.Reginald Wallace b 1909.15725 m (1) 1930.9128 Lithgow Irene Mary (Gibbons) b 25 Mar 1912 KA reg 1918.38302 Lithgow div see 5.1. Reginald W m (2) 1945.9654 Lithgow Lily (Ross). Irene Mary Anthes m (2) 1943.16996 Lithgow Leslie Allan MORRIS

3.Samuel J b 1911.17359 m 1931.7422 Lithgow Eileen E M (Thomas)

4.Frederick Leonard b 1913.17825 m 1952.20970 Lithgow Phyllis Marie (Forrest)

5.Nita M b 1915.22240 ? m as Neita M 1934.8999 Lithgow Charlotte L (MALE in index) BROOMFIELD

6.Vincent R 1917.39946 m as Roy V 1937.20590 Newtown Ruth Lola (Pow)

7.? Eliza J A b post 1918 m 1932.3075 Lithgow Ernest E FELTIS

8.? Jessie Doreen b post 1918 m 1941.11087 Lithgow James W BARLOW


4.10 ex 3.6.4 Family of Una Ruby (Anthes) and Thomas BROWN

1.Mary I b 1906.41077 Woonona

2.Maurice b 1908.29340 Rylstone d 1966.41932 Wollongong

3.Hilda M b 1911.34144 Woonona

4.Lindsay Gordon b 1912.24200 Woonona d 1945.6285 Wollongong

5.Archibald A b 1915.16461 Bulli

6.Una J b 1918.40117 Bulli

7.Cynthia Joan b ? d 1943.6560 Wollongong


4.11 ex 3.6.5 Family of Vera M (Anthes) and John TURNER

1.Victor L b 1910.31594 Rylstone

2.John Christian b 1912.44666 Lithgow d 1977.10267 NSW ? m 1941.24085 Bathurst Jean Maril (Douglass)

3.Raymond A b 1913.15932 Wickham d 1913.12068 Wickham [M Vera M No F] NO ISSUE

4.Harold b 1915.12609 Rylstone

5.Daphne M b 1918.17013 Rylstone


4.12 ex 3.7.4 Family of Albert Henry ANTHES and Catherine Vera (Graham)

1.Margaret Marie b 1913.14812 Redfern m 1931.33054/1933.4762 Sydney William P CROOK

2.Alice Irene b 1915.862 Redfern m 1934.491 Sydney Walter l DAVIES

3.William A H b 1916.39984 Sydney d 1917.14087 Sydney NO ISSUE

4.Daphne b 1918.13326 Redfern m 1937.5889 & R Sydney Colin Frederick MEARS both witnesses m 1938 Dorothy Jean 5 below

5.Dorothy Jean b c 1921 Redfern Packer Residence Alexandria m with consent of mother Catherine Vera McDowall 29 Apr 1939.10253* St Marys RC Erskineville reg Newtown (Witnesses: Colin Frederick Mears, Daphne Mears) Morris Edward COLLINS


4.13 ex 3.7.6 Family of Grace Alma H (Anthes) and Edward J CLOUGHESSY

1.Edward Joseph b 1915.364 Sydney d 1972.6888 Parramatta m 1939.13335 Redfern Bessie Irene (M(a)cLean)

2.Bella E b 1918.13315 Redfern

3.Mavis D b ? d 1921.18 Sydney NO ISSUE

4.Olga J b ? d 1925.1836 Annandale NO ISSUE


4.14 ex 3.7.7 Family of Ruby Lillian F (Anthes) and Albert Edward WAHLSTROM

1.Thelma I b as Anthes 1915.14641 Redfern d 1975.133662 NSW m 1934.5500 Rockdale David ERIKSON

2.Ronald b as Anthes 1918.48406 Paddington d 1919.4854 Redfern age 4.5 months NO ISSUE

3.Harold Keith b 1924 d as Harry 1937.20291 Rockdale

4.Kathleen b post 1924 m HUGHES


4.15 ex 3.7.8 Family of Harold N ANTHES and Dorothy V M (Tyrell)

1.Frederick L b ? d 1929.19718 Annandale


4.16 ex 3.10.1 Family of Stephen William Cecil SAYWELL and Isobella Grace/Greta (Beaton)


All births M Isabel

1.Theodor William Cecil b 1913.2862 St Peters

2.Joyce Christabel ? m 1938.2711 Wollongong Alban Ernest M(A)CAULEY b 1915.16485 Bulli

3.Ellen b 1917 d 1917 age 9 months KA no record found

4.Norma H b 1918.3323 Bulli d 1918.17490 Kurri Kurri NO ISSUE

5.Laurie Beryl b 1920 ? m as Beryl Laurie 1942.4892 NSW Brian SCOTT - YOUNG


4.17 ex 3.11.1 Family of Lily May (Anthes) and Oscar Stuart BAKER

1.Oscar b 1921 d 1921 KA no record found

2.Katherine May b 1926


Fifth Generation

5.1 ex Family of Reginald Wallace ANTHES and Irene Mary (Gibbons)

1.Ronald Wallace b c/post 1930 d 1941.27000 Lithgow






All relationships are to the person named in the heading

PGF/PGM and MGF/MGM are Paternal/Maternal Grandfather/Mother


1.1 Julia (Elizabeth) (Grant)

Father Primiron Francis /Frank GRANT b c 1820 Bloomsbury London England d 17 Oct 1916.16950* Oakey Creek Yalloroi Shire reg Warialda NSW Cause: Senile Decay 8 days bu 17 Oct 1916 CE Cem Warialda Tailor, Miner,Old Age Pensioner, Farmer 89 years in NSW (c 1826) Informant John Hamilton Grandson Oakey Creek Warialda. Primiron shown in indexes as Primion, Perion, Primimson,Pirmiron and Tremosan etc arrived Sydney 11 Nov 1831 on "Jolly Rambler"

m 13 Sep 1844.29.414* by Banns with consent of Eliza Raney natural and lawful mother of Julia Collins Chapel Goulburn/Bungonia Co Argyle (Witnesses: Eliza Raney X her mark of Nerriga, John Riedy of Bungonia) Primiron Francis signed as P Frank Julia signed X her mark

Mother Julia (Collins) b c 1827 Dublin Ireland d 24 June 1905.4391* Majors Creek reg Braidwood Cause: Malignant Growth of Liver bu 27 June 1905 CE Cem Majors Creek 73 years in NSW (c 1832) Informant William Grant brother of Majors Creek arrived Sydney 30 May 1833 on "Eliza"

Paternal Line

PGF Unknown

PGM Unknown

Maternal Line

MGF William COLLINS Chemist

MGM Eliza (Raney) (Natural and Lawful) lived in Dublin Ireland c 1827 came to Australia c 1832 Helen (Vie/eivers)

Father John VIEVERS Farmer ? d 1904/C2343 Qld [F John M Grace Hill]

m ? no Qld record found

Mother Marion (Ferguson) ? d 1908/C2179 Qld [F Walter M Margaret McKerrow]

Siblings of Helen Veivers all born Qld: 1. Margaret Mckerrow 10 Jul 1873.001807 2. Grace b 4 Jul 1875.001897 3. James b 21 Mar 1877.003125 4. Robert b 30 Oct 1880.003725 5. William b 11 Aug 1882.003788 6. David b 5 Jul 1885.005004 ? m 1914/C925 Qld Mary Morton (Ferguson) Anna (Schmish)

Father William/Frederick William SCHMISH

m ? pre 1875

Mother Marie Johane (Sommer) b c 1853 Germany d as Johannah 1907/C2372 Qld [F Wilhelm]

Siblings of Anna Schmish all births Qld: 1. Pauline Martha b 1875/C1892 [F Wilhelm] 2. Ida Johane b 1877/C3214 3. Otto b 1885/C4890 d 1885/C2460 [F Schmisk] NO ISSUE 4. Alice b 1886/C5249 [Mary Jane] Issue: Cecil b 1907/C7642 [F Vaclav] 5. Arthur Cecil b 1890/C8123 [M Johanna] 6. Linda b ? d 1914/ B20114 [M Johanna]

Possible Relation: Edward b 1905/B11153 [M Amy]


2.1 4.2 Lavinia Maud (Hall)

Father Henry C/G HALL

m 1898.8431 Penrith

Mother Rebecca M G (Curry)

Siblings of L M Hall: 1. Alfred d b 1899.35985 Wellington 2. Thelma M b 1902.27767 Wellington 3. Henry W b 1904.15665 Picton 4. Eric G b 1906.38239 Picton 5. Cyril E b 1908.39676 Picton 6. Irene C b 1910.42572 Picton 7. Rebecca E b 1912.48300 Picton Emma (Durrant)

Father Henry DURRANT

m 1880.4342 Newcastle

Mother Sarah Ann (Jeffries)

Siblings of E Durrant : 1. Thomas Henry b 1881.25087 Wallsend 2. Emma b 1882.25649 Lambton