The Whaite Family History

From Coddington to Sydney NSW via Manchester

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Anthes Family Part 1

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This is the family of Jacob Anthes [1.1] who married Julia Elizabeth Grant shown at 1.6 in Grant Family.


Many extra details of this family have been supplied by Kevin Anthes of Greenmount WA and Kathleen Hughes of Casula NSW as well as others shown in the text.

John Frederick [Johann Friedrich] ANTHES b 21 May 1812 d 22 Dec 1883 Frankfurt am Maine Gardener, Farmer 1935 [F Johann Friedrich Anthes b 20 May 1765 d 29 Feb 1824 m 20 Feb 1792 Susanna Catharina (Liebebau) b 18 Jul 1769 d 22 Mar 1841 all at Frankfurt am Maine] Germany m 26 Oct 1835 Frankfurt am Maine Elizabeth Mary [Maria Elisabetha] (Schenk) b 11 Aug 1815 d 15 May 1873 of Frankfurt am Maine [F Jakob Schenk Winegrower M Anna Elisabetha Dorrstein]


First Generation

1 Family of John Frederick [Johann] ANTHES and Elizabeth Mary (Maria) (Schenk)

1.Jacob/k [Frederick] b 6 Dec 1835 Frankfurt on Maine Germany admitted to Callan Park 2 May 1893 d as Jacob Andrest 19 Jul 1893.7942 Callan Park reg Leichhardt age 57 years bu prob with dau Agnes CE Necropolis [now part of Rookwood Cem]; witness as Saclo C marr 1857 Fdk L 2 below left Hamburg Germany 17 Aug 1852 arrived Sydney 11 Dec 1852 on "Cesar Godeffroy" m 18 Dec 1877.2389* CE St Stephens Majors Creek reg Braidwood (Witnesses: Henry Hinchcliffe, Sarah Greenwood) Julia (Elizabeth) Grant Residence Berlang b 22 Jul 1853 bp 1853.39A.3748 Araluen Co Argyle living Sep 1893 Rose Hill St Redfern with George BOX "stepfather" find??? d as Anthus 5 Jul 1926.13791* Mental Hospital Stockton Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis age 72 years bu 7 Jul CE Sandgate Cem Informant L Gardiner Clerk Mental Hospital see SF and 2.1

KA says " marr 1902 Gertrude shows both as parents deceased, marr 1907 John F L father as Edward, Edward C marr (2) in 1933 father as Charles and both parents deceased"

2.Frederick Louis [Friedrich Ludwig] "Louis" b c 1837 Frankfurt on Maine Germany d 21 Aug 1929.12789* State Hospital & Home Lidcombe reg Granville Cause: Senility bu 27 Aug 1929 CE Cem Rookwood late of New Lambton Miner & Old Age Pensioner Informant Alfred T Lord Senior Clerk Lidcome State Hospital came to Australia c 1855 Gardener Residence both Waverley m as Friedrig/Friadjeje Authes [Index] 25 June 1857.516* Ebenezer Chapel Riley St Sydney (Witnesses: Saclo C =Jacob Anthes, Elizabeth Hervey) [Ellen] Catherine (Neil) b c 1837 Evergreen County Cork Ireland  d 23 Sep 1919.17489 Bathurst bu Bathurst Cem [F John Coppersmith M Ellen [Noonan] see 2.2


Second Generation

2.1 ex 1.1 Family of  [ Frederick ] Jacob ANTHES and Julia (Grant)

All births reg Braidwood

1.Gertrude Maria b 27 Mar 1876 Majors Creek?? d pre 1885 FIND ? NO ISSUE

2.John Francis Louis b 15 Aug 1878.9891 Majors Creek d as Anthers 3 May 1972.48738 Murwillumbah age 94 years m (1) 31 May 1907/B 5587. South Brisbane Qld Helen "Nellie" (Veivers) b 21 Feb 1888.006134 Falgai Qld d as Vievers 3 Nov 1913.B18430* Brisbane Hospital Qld Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Heart Failure bu 5 Nov 1913 Southport Cem Qld see SF and 3.1 m (2) 11 Sep 1915/B17377 Qld Annie (Schmish) b as Anna 1882/C3834 Qld see SF and 3.2

3.William Henry b 8 Sep 1880.11253 Araluen d 22 Aug 1947.17252 Granville Tailor m 13 June 1905.4876 Orange Mary Theresa (Crampton) ? b as Martha 188821890 Glen Innes [F john M Sarah A] d 24 Jul 1955.20461 Parramatta [F John M Sarah] age 67 years see 3.3

4.Julia Elizabeth b 4 May 1882.12787 Araluen [F Frederick Jacob] living 1926 Castlereagh St Sydney DC Mother d 20 Aug 1969 .35700 age 86 years Kurri Kurri crem Beresford Crem m 1930.1580 Sydney George WALLACE No known issue

5.Edward Conrad b 7 Feb 1884.15218*Majors Creek/Araluen reg Braidwood Carpenter d 24 June 1974 Townsville Qld age 90 years enlisted Army WWI as Edward Charles Residence Parkes m  (1) as Edward James 19 May 1916.5747* CE St Peters (Witnesses: M Noonan, Jas Brown) Ida Frances (Deschamps) Widow nee Boysden [F Edwin Boysden deceased Ship Builder M Charlotte Eliza Eldridge] b c 1878 London England div 25 Mar 1930 Reg No 1395/28 RG No 1638/30 Petitioner Wife 4 Apr 1930  d as Ida Deschampes 1946.1313 Burwood NO known ISSUE. Edward C m (2) 28 June 1933.6630 Concord reg Bankstown Lavinia Maud (Hall) b 1901.8775 Wellington NSW d 4 Nov 1973 Southport Qld age 72 years see 3.4

6.Gertrude M b as Anthis 1885.15766  ? alive c 1979 possibly at Chinderah near Murwillumbah with niece Gertrude and husband Frank Mansfield m as Gertie 14 June 1902.3230 Sydney William H VALLANCE ? b Pennsylvannia USA seaman on SS "Glacier" ?? d pre 1929. Gertrude Vallence m (2) 1929.12895 Burwood Charles Robert STIEBEL b as Carl R 1897.32351 Leichhardt [F Robert J] Widower d 27 Nov 1954.26844 Auburn [F Robert Ernest M Sarah] bu Rookwood Cem age 57 years living Earlwood previous issue of George Stiebel: Ronald alive 1954

7.Jacob b as Anthers 4 Nov 1886.16677 Araluen living 1926 DC Mother Macquarie Hotel d 27 May 1949.11607 Liverpool age 62 years Upholsterer Not known to have married ? NO ISSUE

8.Gladys Muriel b as Anthis 26 Nov 1888.17503 Majors Creek [F Frederick J] d as Maud [F Jack] Fed Index 24 Jan 1889.7662* Majors Creek reg Braidwood Cause: Convulsions 4 or 5 hours bu 25 Jan 1889 Elrington NO ISSUE

9.Helena Agnes b as Eleanor Anthus 28 Mar 1890.7849 Majors Creek [F Frederick J] d as Agnes 5 Sep 1893.12824 Redfern bu CE Necropolis [now Rookwood] [F Jacob M Julia] NO ISSUE

2.2 ex 1.2 Family of Frederick Louis ANTHES and Ellen Catherine (Neil)

1.Ellen Elizabeth b 20 Mar 1858.3335* Waverley reg Paddington Informant Father F L Anthes d 1949.21875 Casino m 22 Sep 1877.4401 Hill End John Joseph CUMENTT / as Anther 1877.4404 Hill End John Joseph EMMETT ? b as John J Emmet V1853.40.4115 NSW ? d 1902.2550 Orange [F Edward M Harriet] see 3.5

2.John b 22 Nov 1859.3651 Waverley reg Paddington d 1920.1424 Portland age 60 years m as Anther 1880.4912 Hill End Mary L(avinia) (Cullen) b 1863.15469 Young d 1898.3204 Rylstone [James M Mary A] burial details in "Small" Family Bible see 3.6. Kevin Anthes is descended from this family

3.Frederick Lewis b 11 Oct 1861 Braidwood [Railway employment record] d 3 Jul 1919.14063* at 18 Wells St Redfern Cause: Cerebral Haemorrhage 3 days bu 4 Jul 1919 CE Rookwood Informant Lucy Anthes Widow of 18 Wells St Redfern Shunter, Railway Porter, Invalid Pensioner  m with consent of Isaac Stevens 7 Feb 1885.4080* CE Nyngan (Witnesses: Mrs. Pike, Harrietta Stevens) Lucy (Stevens) b post 1864 d 1954.3852 Rockdale [F Isaac M Harriet] see 3.7. Kathleen Hughes is descended from this family

4.Catherine b 10 Nov 1863 Araluen [from "Small" family Bible] d 1919 KA nearest d 1912.14911 Burwood [F Louis] m 16 Mar 1883.3681* Wesleyan Parsonage Bathurst Alfred John Small Widower (Witnesses: Emma Stephinson, Ellen Swanton Stephinson rels of minister) b 14 Mar 1848 Louth Lincoln England [B C 1894 son Ross A B] d 1923.13450 Liverpool [F Alfred J M Eliza] Saddler, Coach Trimmer see 3.8. Alfred J Small m (1) 1869.3425 Rylstone Martha M (Chadwick) b 7 Aug bp 1852.38A.2331 CE Gulgong: Mudgee [F George M Mary A]  d 1877.3757 Bathurst see 3.9

5.Susannah Amelia b 25 Jan 1868.7071 Araluen reg Braidwood [F Friedrig L] d 1959.12582 Bulli [M Katherine] m 17 Feb 1891.6332 Paddington Stephen William V SAYWELL ? b as William V 1867.7328 Braidwood [F George V M Jemima] ? d as Steven William Varco 1943.25939 Bulli [F George Burleigh] see 3.10.

6.Edward Ernest b 3 Apr 1871 Araluen Bootmaker 1905 m (1) 25 May 1897.2872 Bourke Catherine Caroline "Kate" (Kirchner) d 27 Apr 1900.4836 Bourke [F Fdk L A P M Margaret] see 3.11 m (2) as Anthis 8 Apr 1901.5196 Carrington reg Wickham Emma (Durrant) b 21 Oct 1882.25649 Lambton d 28 Mar 1949.9586 Hamilton [F Joseph Henry] see SF and 3.12

Birth details of all above children written on back of family photo taken 1872 Hill End in studio of Beaufroy Merlin [KA]

Kevin Anthes " Between April 1871 and October 1872, the family moved by horse drawn dray, in company with other miners' families to Hill End where they settled, until moving to Bathurst just prior to Catherine (Small's) death in 1919"


Third Generation

3.1 ex Family of John Francis Louis ANTHES and Helen (Veivers)

1.John b 28 June d 3 Jul 1904.2341 Qld NO ISSUE

2.Edward John b 10 Aug 1908/C6787 d 10 Sep 1908.2188 Qld NO ISSUE

3.Gertrude Marion b 27 May 1910/C7201 Qld m 28 Sep 1932/B014022 ? Qld John Francis MANSFIELD

DC 1913 mother says 2 FEMALES deceased

3.2 ex Family of John Francis Louis ANTHES and Annie (Schmish)

1.Nancy b c 1916 poss Southport Qld alive 1972 DC father

2.Robert John b 27 Dec 1918 Southport m ?? see 4.1


3.3 ex 2.1.3 Family of William Henry ANTHES and Mary Theresa (Crampton)

All births at Orange

1.William Lionel b 1905.36340 d as Lionel William 3 June 1976.12860 Guildford m with consent of  father of bride James Henry Langbien 29 June 1932.12268* Pt St Josephs RC Presbytery Orange (Witnesses:P Merrin, M Langbien) Gladys Mary (Langbien) b 1913.22607 Stuart Town reg Cobar Waitress NO ISSUE see SF

2.Harold J b 1907. 4730 d 1908.2657 Orange NO ISSUE

3.Norman T b 29 May 1910.29958 hanged 19 Feb 1951 Pentridge Gaol Melbourne Vic for involvement in murder Nov 1949 Carlton Vic William Kent m 1931.5157 Parramatta Mildred C J (Fuller) b ? 1912.8287 Parramatta [F Frederick m 1911.2616 Parramatta M Mildred Trenchard] see SF and 4.2 Details of Norman's involvement in the murder are detailed in "Jane Lee The Last Woman Hanged in Australia" 1977 Random House Milsons Point NSW Issue: Wilson, Paul Lincoln & Treble Don Robyn CHECK KA

4.Mary b 1913.22184 d 1913.8318 Orange NO ISSUE


3.4 ex Family of Edward Conrad ANTHES and Lavinia Maud (Hall)

1.                Kenneth b as Hall 1928

2.Edward James b Campsie 21 Apr 1935 m post 1957 ? (Opie) see 4.3

3.Gwenneth Ruth b 1936 m 1955.23966 Parramattta Trevor Alfred REIHA see 4.4

4.David William b 1936 m post 1957 Susan (??) see 4.5

5.Margaret Rose stillborn 28 Dec 1939.23196* at 43 Newman St Merrylands Holroyd Mun reg Granville bu 30 Dec 1939 Indep Cem Rookwood NO ISSUE


3.5 ex 2.2.1 Family of Ellen Elizabeth (Anthes) and John Joseph EMMETT

All births Bathurst

1.John Joseph Augustus b 1879.9440 d 1943.16974 Bulli

2.Albert Victor Frederick b 10 June 1881.10784 d 1955.882 Auburn m (1) 1912.1011 Alexandria M (Bryant) b as Alexandra 1891.20467 Bathurst FIND D see SF and 4.6. Albert V F Emmett m ? (2) 1944.2983R Guyra Joy (Macquillan)

3.Louisa B b 1883.12125 d 1884.6647 Bathurst

4.Frank George Hilton b 1885.14000 d 1974.148 NSW

5.Reginald Roy Rochford b 1893.6143 d as R R Fochford 1959.24901 Bankstown m 1916.15049 Blayney Alice M (Dibley)

6.Freda Harriet Beryl b 12 Oct 1897.2937 d 1967.16486 Casino m 1920.18671 Bathurst Lewis Charles HARRIS b 1894.20478 Marrickville [F Ambrose J M Mary J Bowra] d 1952.5807 Casino see SF


3.6 ex 2.2.2 Family of John ANTHES and Mary (Lavinia) (Cullen)

1.Percival James Cecil b 1881.21478 Tambaroora d 1920.20796 Lithgow m 1907.1535 Hill End Eliza Jane Ann/e (Roberts) see 4.7

2.Olga Catherine b 1883.24138 Tambaroora d 1937.24891 Bulli [M Lavinia M] m as Olga C 1905.10948 Woonona Thomas J G FORD see 4.8

3.John (Christian) b as Anthus 1885.30251 Rylstone m 1907.2418 Rylstone Jessie (Nicholson) b 17 Jul 1878.21731 Rylstone d 1927.21767 Lithgow [F Samuel M Eliza] see SF and 4.9

4.Una Ruby b 1887.2349 Dubbo ? d 1951.24902 Wollongong m 1906.2349 Rylstone Thomas BROWN see 4.10

5.Vera M P b 1889.15834 Dubbo m 1910.6341 Rylstone John TURNER see 4.11

6.Frederick Neil b 1891.31428 Rylstone d 1977.13054 NSWm 1926.3861 Rylstone Annie W (Graham) ? b Salsburg near Airdrie/Motherwell Dunbarton Scotland and settled in Lithgow [KA] see SF

7.Mona L b as Anthis 1894.30251 Rylstone d 1896.3949 Rylstone NO ISSUE

8.Daphne F J b 1896.16242 m 1921.9307 Lithgow Sydney F GALLAGHER


3.7 ex 2.2.3 Family of Frederick Louis ANTHES and Lucy (Stevens)

1.Lucy Ethel b as Anthis 1885.152008 Nyngan [F Lewis F] d as Ethel Lucy 1967.12608 Newtown m as Ethel L 1906.2349 Sydney Robert G BATES

2.Frederick William b as Anthis 1887.16291 Nyngan d 1959.23902 Parramatta m 1926.946 Redfern Ida (Huddleston)

3.Edward B b 1888.16778 d 1921.10373 Redfern

4.Albert Henry b 1890.26542 Nyngan [F Lewis F] d 1943.5417 Redfern m 1912.11616 Redfern Catherine Vera (Graham) b c 1895 Newcastle [F Robert Butcher M Mary Monaghan] Div 1925 see 4.12. Catherine Vera Anthes m 12 May 1925.5304* Congreg Redfern (Witnessses: Alice Cliffe, Emily Blackwell) James MCDOWELL

5.Letitia H b 1892.31276 Ryde d 1892.11812 Ryde NO ISSUE

6.Grace Alma Helene b 1896.1615 Bathurst d 1946.4514 Newtown [F Lewis] m 1914.14437 Newtown Edward J CLOUGHESSY see 4.13

7.Ruby Lillian F b 1898.20981 Forbes [F Lewis F] d 1959.8509 Sydney [F Unknown Anthes] see 4.13 m 1919.11868 Sydney Albert Edward WAHLSTROM see 4.14

8.Harold Neil b as Anthis 1900.31230 Forbes [F Lewis F] d 1957.31063 Rockdale m as Antees 1922.878 Redfern Dorothy V M (Tyrell) see 4.15

9.Daisy A B b 1903.9472 Sydney m 1920.5930 Redfern Alwyn W PALMER

10.             Daphne Irene b 1907.236 Sydney d 1976.5441 NSW m 1924.14311 Redfern Albert G LOOKE

11.             Cecil K b 1910.42951 Redfern d 1910.15186 Redfern NO ISSUE


3.8 ex 2.2.4 Family of Catherine (Anthes) and Alfred John SMALL

1.Ernest Edward KA can find no record d 1966.11888 Parramatta

2.?? Alfred John b 1884.13620R ? another family

3.Helenor Catherine b 1886.14972 Bathurst

4.Juanita Germain b 1888.15741 Bathurst m 1912.13119 Ashfield William M JAMES

5.Kate Geraldine b 1891.6201 Bathurst d 1972.2736 Sydney m as Katie G 1921.62880 James R RUMSEY

6.Ross Alexander Berkley b 3 May 1894.29018*Pt at Marriott St Redfern


3.9 ex 2.2.4 Family of Alfred John SMALL and Martha M (Chadwick)

1.Alice Emily b 16 Aug 1870.16806 Rylstone

2.Alfred John b 16 Apr 1872.17248 Rylstone d 1950.30368 Narrabri

3.Elis/za Agnes b 18 Aug 1874.14505 Mudgee

4.Ethel May b 27 Aug 1876.7957 Bathurst


3.10 ex Family of Susannah Amelia (Anthes) and Stephen William V SAYWELL

All M Susanna

1.Stephen William Cecil b 1891.27888 Paddington d 1970.23177 Hornsby m 17 Aug 1912.11670 Redfern Isabella Grace/Greta (Beaton) see 4.16

2.Ethel J L b 1893.31157 Redfern ? m 1911.4420 Sydney Edward D DOCHERTY

3.Burleigh A 1903.35694 Woonona m 1926.19026 Bulli Julia (Hancock)

4.Leila E 1906.30861 Woonona m 1925.6922 Bulli James M DOWN

5.Norma R b 1909.21030 Woonona m 1931.2837 Waverley Henry S LEVY


3.11 ex 2.6.1 Family of Edward Ernest ANTHES and Catherine Caroline (Kerchner)

1.Lily May b 1898.10594 Bourke d 1926.3396 Inverell [M Emma - second wife] m 14 Apr 1920.7396 Burwood Oscar Stuart BAKER b 1897.1993 Bundarra [F Herbert H M Emma L] see 4.17

2.Katie E E b 21 Apr 1900.10914 Bourke d 1900.4839 Bourke NO ISSUE


3.12 ex 2.6.2 Family of Edward Ernest ANTHES and Emma (Durrant)

All births Newcastle

1.Esme A b 1902.2445l Newcastle d 1902.10300 Newcastle NO ISSUE

2.Phyllis Irene b 1903.23386 d 1967.22637 Newcastle

3.Roy Kenneth b 19 June 1905.25847* Hunter St  West, Newcastle Informant E E Anthes father m 1935.207/928 Merewether Jeanne O (Dawson)

4.John Henry b 1907.16119  m 1940.13442 Adamstown Dorothy Mabel (Wright)