The Whaite Family History

From Coddington to Sydney NSW via Manchester

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Grant First Generation

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First Generation

Primiron Francis / Frank GRANT b c 1820 Bloomsbury London England d 17 Oct 1916.16950* Oakey Creek Yalloroi Shire reg Warialda NSW Cause: Senile Decay 8 days bu 17 Oct 1916 CE Cem Warialda Tailor, Miner,Old Age Pensioner, Farmer 89 years in NSW Informant John Hamilton [2.5.9] Grandson Oakey Creek Warialda. Primiron shown in indexes as Primion, Perion, Primimson,Pirmiron and Tremosan etc arrived Sydney 11 Nov 1831 on "Jolly Rambler" m 13 Sep 1844.29.414* by Banns with consent of Eliza Raney natural and lawful mother of Julia Collins Chapel Goulburn/Bungonia Co Argyle (Witnesses: Eliza Raney X her mark of Nerriga, John Riedy of Bungonia) Primiron Francis signed as P Frank, Julia signed X her mark Julia (Collins) b c 1827 Dublin Ireland d 24 June 1905.4391* Majors Creek reg Braidwood Cause: Malignant Growth of Liver bu 27 June 1905 CE Cem Majors Creek 73 years in NSW [c 1832] Informant William Grant son [F William Chemist M Eliza Raney] arrived Sydney 30 May 1833 on "Eliza" see 1

Primiron Francis and Julia Grant were witnesses marr 1859 Maria 1 below


First Generation

1.Family of Primiron Francis GRANT and Julia (Collins)

1.Maria b Nerriga MC bp 1843.31.2067 Araluen reg Braidwood [F Primion] d 4 Jul 1876.5209* Majors Creek reg Braidwood Cause: Hepatitis 8 days bu 7 Jul 1876 Majors Creek Informant Henry Hinchcliffe Undertaker Servant m 2 May 1859.1513* Presb Majors Creek reg Braidwood (Witnesses: Primiron Francis Grant, Julia Grant)  William ROSS b c 1833 Rosshire Scotland ? d pre 1888 NSW/Qld Block and Bootmaker Spring Creek Grev P O Direct 1875-7 p 451 worked on railways after 1876 see 2.1

2.Walter bp 1845.31A.2068 Araluen alive 17 Oct 1916 FIND Dmarried (1) 13 June 1867.1719* CE Araluen reg Braidwood (Witnesses: Elizabeth Barnett, Julia Grant) Eliza (Barnett) Residence Berlang b c 1851 Lane Cove d 12 May 1876.5185* Burlang reg Braidwood Cause Enteritis 8 days bu 14 May 1876 Elrington Informant Louise Barnett Mother Burlang Burial Witnesses John Barnett, Henry Dunshea see 2.2 Walter Grant m (2) 9 Feb 1881.3329 St Andrews CE Braidwood (Witnesses W Binmore, Harriett Grant) Catherine (MacKenzie) Residence Araluen Housekeeper b 8 Aug 1859.5616* Lower Araluen reg Braidwood d FIND see 2.3

3.Edward b Forbes Creek bp 1846.38A.1896 Co Argyle Gold Digger, Labourer Residence Long Flat d 15 Mar 1881 Edgeroi Cause: Typhoid Fever 11 days reg 1881.9392* Narrabri [M Janet] bu Edgeroi age 33 years Informant wife Catherine of Edgeroi  m 15 Sep 1868.1902* St Bedes RC Ch Braidwood (Witnesses: George Hamilton, Elizabeth Dempsey) Catherine ( Hamilton ) Residence Long Flat ? bp 1853.45C.7267/52.166 St Andrews Presb Sydney Housekeeper d FIND or ?? m (2) FIND see 2.4

4.Francis bp 1850.37.1946 Goulburn Co Argyle d as F Perion 29 Jan 1923.397* Coast Hospital Little Bay Sydney Cause: Epithelioma of Tongue, Post Operative Shock 12 days late of 42 Castlereagh St  Redfern bu 31 Jan 1923 CE Cem Randwick ( Witness: Joseph Grant ) Informant R Goldrick Manager Coast Hospital Sawyer,Miner,Labourer Residence Bungonia m 16 Dec 1873.2530* Presb Manse Goulburn (Witnesses: Julia Grant, Robert Carlaton) Mary (Carla/eton) Residence Towrang b 31 Jan 1840 Goulburn bp 1840.25A.1632 RC Goulburn Dressmaker FIND D ? 1942.27794 Marrickville [M Mary] GET CERT see 2.5

5.Rebecca bp 1851.38A.1897 Co Argyle d 7 Oct 1941.24815* Oakey Creek Warialda Railway Cause: Myocarditis, Senility 12 months bu 8 Oct 1941 CE Cem Warialda [F William] INformant son F Hamilton Old Age Pensioner m 10 Apr 1870.2530* Braidwood George HAMILTON Maintenance Man b c 1847 ? bp 1850.45C.6714/50.944 St Andrews Presb Sydney d FIND ?1898 Woollahra George/Catherine /1948.22472 Moree F George M u/k GET CERT;  witness marr 1868 sister 3 above see 2.6

6.Julia ( Elizabeth ) b 22 Jul bp 1853.39A.3748 Araluen Co Argyle living Sep 1893 Rose Hill St Redfern with George BOX "stepfather" find??? d as Anthus 5 Jul 1926.13791* Mental Hospital Stockton Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis age 72 years bu 7 Jul CE Sandgate Cem Informant L Gardiner Clerk Mental Hospital m 18 Dec 1877.2389* Majors Creek reg Braidwood (Witnesses: Henry Hinchcliffe, Sarah Greenwood) Jacob/k (Frederick) ANTHES b 6 Dec 1835 Frankfurt on Maine Germany admitted to Callan Park 2 May 1893 d as Jacob Andrest 19 Jul 1893.7942 Callan Park reg Leichhardt age 57 years bu prob with dau Agnes CE Necropolis [now part of Rookwood Cem]; witness as Saclo C marr 1857 brother Frederick L [sf1.6] left Hamburg Germany 17 Aug 1852 arrived Sydney 11 Dec 1852 on "Cesar Godeffroy" Miner see 2.7

7.Victoria bp 1855.42B.3219 Araluen Co Argyle d 29 Aug 1890.3375* Berlang reg Braidwood [F as Tremosan] Cause: Consumption 2 years bu 31 Aug 1890 Majors Creek (Burial Witnesses: Edward Kelly, William Grant) Domestic Servant m 15 Nov 1879.5124* house of Mrs Du (De) Fraine Wesley Glen Innes (Witnesses; Edward Jackson, Merriam De Fraine) Thomas William THOMPSON Compositor b c 1845 Dublin Ireland d 24 Feb 1923.2482* State Hospital Liverpool Cause: Senile Debility in hospital 19 days bu 27 Feb 1923 CE Cem Liverpool Informant R C Rowe Acting Manager Liverpool Asylum see 2.8

8.Emmeline b 1857.5132 Araluen reg Braidwood d 2 Nov 1901.12942* Braidwood Cause: Meningitis 10 days bu 14 Nov 1901 CE Cem Majors Creek [F Primiron altered from William] Informant: E Fletcher Braidwood [No Relation] Residence Berlang m 8 Jan 1879.26206* St Andrews CE Braidwood (Witnesses: Primeron Francis Grant, Andrew Dunshea) Charles DUNSHEA Residence Majors Creek b Berrima bp 1838.23A.1185 CE Camden d 4 Nov 1901.12939* Majors Creek reg Braidwood Cause: Pneumonia, Influenza 6 days bu 6 Nov 1901 Cem Majors Creek CE Informant Nephew Henry Dunshea Alluvial Gold Miner see 2.9

9.Elizabeth Agnes b 1858.5773 Braidwood ? d 1919.15422 Goulburn [F John] mentioned will Sarah Agnes Ellis [] made 10 July 1919 Fremantle WA probated 10 June 1927 m 9 Jul 1884.469 Araluen reg Braidwood Michael (Joseph) HART b 1859.5629 "Gilston" Ballalaba reg Braidwood [M Anna] Miner ? d 1908.160 Sydney see 2.10

10.William b 1861.5686 Braidwood d Jan 1951.4542 Goulburn [F Francis Permiron M Julia U/K] Informant then living Majors Creek death 1905 mother Julia; Burial Witness 1890 Victoria 7 above m 1888.29770 Braidwood Alice V (White) GET CERT ? d as Alice Victoria 1967.34941 Wellington F George see 2.11

11.Harriett b 1862.6169 Braidwood [F Primeron] alive 17 Oct 1916 witness marriage 1881 Walter 2 above FIND D

12.Frederick Primiron b as Primiron F 1866.6517 Braidwood Farmer d as Primiron Frederick/ Frederick Primrose [F Francis] 1947.3704 Newtown Residence Majors Creek m with consent of Stephen Fletcher, father of bride 23 Mar 1889.4041* Presb Manse Braidwood (Witnesses: Jemima Kelly , Edward Kelly) Matilda  Jane (Fletcher) b 22 Aug 1869.16782 Penrith d 1956.11106 Newtown [F Stephen M Eliza] see 2.11

13.Jane Jemima b 1872.7797 Berlang reg Braidwood [Araluen MC] d as Jane Gemina Purkington 1958.27455 Balmain [no F or M] m with consent of Francis Grant 27 Dec 1885.4250* CE Braidwood (Witnesses: Martha Armstrong, Geo H Gearside) Edward KELLY b c 1876 Braidwood MC ? b 1864.6729 Braidwood [F John M Charlotte] Shoemaker Burial witness 1890 Victoria 7 above see 2.12 Marriage dissolved 17 Oct 1916 RG598/14 9694/16 Petitioner wife 20 Oct 1916.  Jane J Kelly Dressmaker Residence 16 Kippax St Sydney m (2) 1 Nov 1916.14614* Presb Manse Luger St Waverley (Witnesses: Aileen M MacKenzie, E Bayne) Henry Walker PURKINGTON Residence 152 Cathedral St Sydney b c 1874 London England Grocer d as H Walter 25 Aug 1943.17164* Western Suburbs Hospital Croydon, late of Randwick Mun Cause: Pneumonia 30 days crem 26 Aug 1943 Rookwood Crem Informant W Mackey Stepson of 199 Avoca St Randwick Residential Proprietor NO ISSUE

Jane and Edward Kelly witnesses marriage 1889 Frederick P 12 above