The Whaite Family History

From Coddington to Sydney NSW via Manchester

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Part One: Single Records in order of Christian Name/s then Surname and then in date order and are shown on pages 1 to 30


Part Two: Group Records of probable families are shown under the Christian name of  FATHER then in order of Surname and then in date order of first family record and are shown on pages 31 to 56





In order of Christian Name then Surname and then in Date order. 


Birth Cert

Whaite Ada b 10 Jan 1870 entry 338 at 63 Booth St RD Hulme reg Mar qtr 1870 Chorlton 8c.722* Informant Mother Mary Anne Whaite registered 3 Feb 1870


Death Index 1940 -1977 USA

Whaite Ada Ann b 26 Apr 1869  Not USA d 27 Apr 1949 Alameda California Father ........Whaite Mother ......Moray


Census 1851 MF2904 HO107/2230 St Georges f 690 at 7 Bk Nelson St

Whaite Alfred Head 34 Plate Layer b Yks

Eliza wife 24 b Yks


Census 1871 RG10/4023 [ed 18 Salford Local Studies Library] Salford at 54 Hope St

Waytes Andrew Head 28 Cotton Spinner b Glasgow Scotland

Mary Ann wife 31 b Manchester Lancs

Joseph Unsworth stepson 10 b Salford Lancs

Minnie Unsworth stepdau 4 b Salford Lancs

George Henry son 2 b Salford Lancs


Probate  Manchester

Wait/e Ann Widow Manchester Will Oct 1834


Death Cert

Waites Ann d 23 Apr 1868 entry 452 Bradshaw Brow Turton RD Bolton reg June qtr 8c.173* Cause: Consumption 12 months age 38 years wife of Simeon Waites Stone Mason present at death


Census 1891 RG12/3158  f 113 p13 Stretford at 53 Pickford St Old Trafford

Waites Annie widow 36 Sicknurse b Wales

John J son 11 b Manchester

Ethel dau 9 b Manchester


Death Cert

Wayte Ann b c 1834 d 2 Feb 1868 Tolly Road Arnold reg Mar qtr 1868 7b.92* Basford Notts Cause: Disease of heart 7 months wife of Frederick Wayte Bricklayer (Master) Informant Julia Smith X her mark present at death


Birth Cert

Whait Annie Maria b 5 January 1881 Gaddesby SD Somerby reg Mar 1881 Melton Mowbray Leics 7a.304* Father Sidney Whait Grazier reg birth 2 Feb 1881 Mother Elizabeth formerly Arnold



Waite Arthur bp 24 Mar 1880+ St George Hulme reg June qtr 1880 Manchester 8d.287 son of Annie Waite of 52 Somerset Place



Whaite Betsy b 18 Jul 1884 at 2 Lessary? Street SD Hulme reg Sep qtr 1884 Chorlton 8c.847* Informant Mother Martha Hannah X Her mark registered birth 16 Aug 1884 [F James Blacksmith M Martha Hannah White]


Parish Record Burial

Whyatt Betty d 8 Feb 1814+ St Thomas Ardwick Openshaw ? age 80 [b c 1734]



Waite Catherine/Catharine of full age [F William Waite Grocer] signed m by Banns 5 Jul 1841 p 809 St Johns Manchester reg Sep 1841 Manchester 20.537* (Witnesses: Edmund Booth X his mark, Jane Booth) both of Manchester John WROE Dyer of full age signed X his mark [F Thomas Wroe Dyer]


Census 1851 HO107/2169 MF2/28 f102a p67 Crewe Coppenhall Cheshire at 45 Manchester Road

Waite Catherine Widow 55 Lodger Lady b Surrey London

Charles Waite UnM 30 Draughtsman Lodger b Surrey London

in household of Martha Fisher widow 50 b Gawsworth Cheshire



Whaite Charles Labourer 29 Leicester St Hulme Manchester 1850 Trades


Parish Record Marr  

Waite Charlotte age 23 years of Byrom St Hulme [F Joseph Waite Baker] m by Banns 3 Jan 1859 entry 1280+ St Johns Manchester reg Mar qtr 1859 Manchester 8d.376* (Witnesses: Jno Parker, Bertram E Scocroft) Edward Parker age 23 years Warehouseman of Rusholme [F William Parker Cotton Spinner]



Waite Christopher Warehouseman 8 Back Ridgfield Manchester 1836 Pigots



Whaite Christopher book keeper Cannon St Salford 1841 Slaters of Manchester & Salford


Census 1881 RG11/3935 f 115 p 28 at Brocklehurst St Hulme

Waite Edwin Head age 36 b Bannoldswick York Storekeeper

Elizabeth J Waite 43 b Manchester Housekeeper

Charles F son 11 b Salford Scholar

Bertha J dau 9 b Salford Scholar

Alice Louisa dau 5 Stockport Cheshire Scholar

Caroline M 4 b Stockport Scholar


Death Cert

Waite Eliza d 8 Jul 1866 Back Lane Habergham Eaves reg Sep qtr Burnley 8e.111* age 40 Cause: Phthisis wife of Henry Waite Farm Labourer Broughton Atkinson present at death


Census 1881 RG11/4001 f 110 p107 Manchester at 127Cheltenham St

Waite Eliza Widow 40 b Manchester

Eliza W J UnM 19 b Oldham Cotton Weaver

Martha L UnM 16 b Oldham Printer

Sarah A  8 b Oldham Scholar


Death Cert Death GRO

Whaite Eliza b c 1823 d 1 Feb 1898 entry 275 at Salford Union Infirmary SD Pendleton reg RD Salford Mar qtr 1898 8d.16* Cause: Senility and Rheumatism Syncope age 75 years Widow of William Whaite Cloth Finisher (Journeyman) of 140 Lower Broughton Road Broughton Informant  ?T H Tomlinson Sister in law present at death then living 140 Lower Broughton Road Broughton FIND 1881/91 Census   


Wills Cheshire

Waite Elizabeth Widow Sutton Runcorn Feb 1831


Census 1881 RG 11/3993 f 62 p2 at 70 Great Ancoats St Manchester

Waite Elizabeth b c 1849 b Manchester age 32 Dom Servant in household of Thomas Brush Head 40 b Town Hope Hereford Boot Maker


Parish Record Marr  

Waites Elizabeth signed X her mark age 25 years of Hardman St Servant [F Richard Waites Cordwainer] m by Banns 27 Jul 1879 p 2473+ St Johns Manchester reg Sep 1879 Manchester 8d.265 (Witnesses: Joseph Lilley, Sarah Marion) James Little signed age 28 years of 6 Byrom St Cordwainer [F James Little Miner]


Memorial Inscription

Edwards Ellen nee Waite d 17 Dec 1864 age 60 years ? reg Dec qtr 1864 Manchester 8d.157 wife of William Edwards p 650+ St Johns Manchester


Birth Cert

Whaite Emily b 3 Jan 1860 entry 26 at 31 Broughton St Salford reg Mar qtr 1860 Salford 8d.53* Father Hiram Whaite Mechanic Mother Jane formerly Seddon


Parish Record Burial

Whaites Emily of New Bailey Prison bu 7 Apr 1858 age 11 weeks p 581+ St Johns Manchester reg June qtr 1858 Salford 8d.73


Census 1881 RG11/3935 f 29 p5 at 83 Halston St Hulme

Wait Esther Head 38 b Wigan

Ernest W son UnM 16 b Manchester Office Boy

Fernside S son 14 W HO Boy b Lanark Scotland

Arthur E 13 b Lanark

Mary D sister UnM 50 b Warrington Lanark Seamstress


Parish Record Marr  

Waite Florence age 24 years of 34 Cromwell Rd Grimsby [F Jesse Waite Corn Merchant] m by License 18 Jan 1893 p 2533+ St Johns Manchester reg Mar 1893 Manchester 8d.209 (Witnesses: Edward T Yates, Euphemia Yates) Richard Garniss WHITE age 26 years Accountant of 10 Little John St [F John White Farmer]




1891 RG12/3238 f 3 p24 Sched 189 Manchester St Clements at 2 Robert St

Whaite Frank M 24 Boarder Railway Porter b Manchester

Whaite Hannah wife 24 Brace Maker (Leather) b Manchester


Electoral Roll AUSTRALIA

Whaite Frederick 1913 District Kennedy Sub District Boulia Queensland: # 338 Labourer Springvale; 1919 as above # 1053


Marr Cert

Whaite George b c 1843 age 30 Minister of Methodist Free Church of Chorley [F Elishe Coach Builder] m by License 7 Aug 1873 entry 174 Par Ch Heapey reg  Sep qtr Chorley 8e.643* (Witnesses: John Hoyle, Mary Hoyle) Martha Hoyle b c 1845 age 28 of Wheelton [F John Hoyle Manufacturer]


Census 1881 RG11/3915 f 65 p4 Chorlton on Medlock at 9 Higher Temple St

All born Manchester

Wait George Head 37 File Manufacturer

Ellen  wife 34

Annie L dau 11

Florence E dau 8

Rosa B dau 5

Hannah C dau 2

Charlotte Hibbs Domestic Servant 24


National Roll of Honour  

Whaite H Pte Manchester Rgt Volunteered Aug 1915 Wounded in Action Retreat 1918 Address: 100 Victoria St Longsight Manchester Demob Mar 1919 Medals: 1914-5 Star, General Sevice and Victory Medals


Parish Record Marr  

Waite Hannah of Manchester signed X her mark m 24 Apr 1814 page 80+ St Johns Manchester (Witnesses: James McLaine, Catherine Andrews X her mark) John MCLARE of Manchester Fustian Cutter


Census 1851 HO107/2157 MF2/9 f331 p16 Cheadle Bulkley Cheshire at Rectory

Waite Harriet b c 1828 Serv UnM 23 b Chelsea Msx in household of Charles T Cummings Rector of Cheadle b London Msx and family


Parish Record Baptism

Waite Harriet Ann b 11 June 1857 bp 4 Apr 1858+ Manchester Cathedral ? reg June 1857 Salford 8d.98 dau of John Smith and Eliza Waite of Salford


Birth Cert

Waite Harry b 21 June 1863 entry ?1119 at 25 Charles St Hampstead Rd SD Regents Parks reg June qtr Pancras 1b.7* Msx Father John Waite Messenger for solicitor Mother & Informant Matilda formerly Wood of 25 Charles St Hampstead Rd Pancras reg 24 Jul 1863


USA California Death Index 1940 - 1977

Whaite Hattie Soc Sec # 545-20-0404 Issued California b 19 June 1888 d Sep 1978 Last Residence 97206, Last Benefit 97212 Portland Multnomah Oregon


Marr Cert

Waite Henry age 22 Porter [F John Mechanic] m 22 Feb 1857 entry 329 Manchester Cathedral reg Mar qtr 1857 Manchester 8d.838* (Witnesses: James Leatherbarrow, Mary Ellen Waite X her mark) Jane (Egerton) 21 [F John Cab Driver] both of 12 Goulden St Chorlton upon Medlock


Birth Cert

Waite Henry b 12 Apr 1860 entry 233 at 12 Selwood Place Brompton RD Kensington Mdx reg June qtr 1860 1a.99* [F Henry Waite Master Woollen Draper] Mother Emily formerly Clayton reg birth


Census 1871 RG10/4128 f 33 p 11 Sched 61 Littleborough Lancs Wuerdle at Dearnley

Waites Thomas  b c 1853  Lodger 18 Coal Miner b Bury

Henry [?brother] b c 1856  Lodger 15 Coal Miner b Bury


Census 1871 RG10/4105 f ?111p32 Sched 181at Corn Hill Chadderton Oldham

Whaite Henry Head Marr 36 Labourer Iron Works b Manchester

Eleanor wife 38 Cotton Mill ?? b Chadderton

Peter son 10 months


 Census 1891 RG12/3186 f 37 p30 Sched 238 Chorlton upon Medlock St Lukes at 110 Euston Road

Whaite Henry Single 26 Lodger Draughtsman Employed b Manchester [b c 1865]