The Whaite Family History

From Coddington to Sydney NSW via Manchester

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Harry and Daisy

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Though he had been born in late September in Spencer St West Melbourne, the birth of Harry's Australian child Frederick Henry was registered in Sydney NSW on 15 December 1885 by his mother. Perhaps Harry had come to Sydney to see what work was available for him there.

According to "The Theatre", Harry after he arrived in Melbourne had been engaged by Brough and Bouicault Company as an assistant to their chief Scenic Artist, W B Spong, who Brough had imported from England. Harry could possibly have had earlier contact in England with Boucicault's father, as his Comedy Company was playing at Salford near Manchester around April 1878 with Dion Bouicault's "Forbidden Fruit" and "Pink Dominoes" according to "Salford Chronicle" . Robert Brough and Dion Boucicault Jnr had leased Criterion Theatre in Sydney in 1886 and it opened on 27 December with operetta "Falka". Later on they also leased Bijou and Lyceum Theatres in Melbourne and Harry worked for him and later Brough Comedy Company and its successor Brough & Herbert Fleming Company until Brough's death in 1906.

From 1900 Divorce papers, his wife Sarah in her affadavit of June 1900, mentions" Said Harry Whaite earns about ten pounds a week [and] is a Scenic Artist employed up to a few weeks since at Theatre Royal Sydney and has ...proceeded to Brisbane with Brough Comedy Co and will then go to Melbourne. He was employed at Criterion Theatre before I married him [1891] and for a couple of years before I left Sydney [April 1897] and I believe he has been in constant employment employment at the theatres of Sydney ever since."

Up to the early twentieth century, stage scenery was built in the theatre itself, with the Scenic Artist organising the construction of the sets. An article in "The Theatre" Dec 1 1910 p24 "Scene Painting and How It Is Done" mentions that sometimes the sets were made up from a model the Scenic Artist had made for the producer, sometimes from models, photographs or drawings from a previous production, maybe in England. At other times all the Scenic Artist had to go on was the script with vague notes about the type of scenery the producer wanted. When the canvas drops were completed and his assistants had given the canvas a coat of whiting to prime it, the appropriate scenes were then painted by the Scenic Artist.

Theatre Programmes of the era sometimes made special mention of the Scenery with such phrases as " New and Elaborate Scenery Designed and Executed by the Best Authorities" and 1898 production of "The Terror of Paris" at Lyceum Theatre Melbourne with Harry Whaite as Scenic Artist "was painted from Authentic Sources and Sketches". With many plays having already had a run in England, one programme read " Entirely New Scenery Specially prepared from models from Lyceum Theatre London."

Around 1897, Harry is mentioned as Artist living at 232 Crown St Sydney in Sands Directory while Electoral Rolls have him living 1902 at 8 Darlington Road Darlington and in 1907 at 7 Olive Street Paddington. It was while living here in February 1905 that he was married to Daisy Cavendish Morris by a member of a sect called New Unitarian Church. Daisy was born as Emma Sophia in Muswellbrook in 1872 and her family were graziers around Tamworth, while her brother Frederick named as Eric was the informant on Harry's Death Certificate in 1931. Some time before 1905, Harry had engaged her as a sort of secretary to manage his business affairs and from remarks made by Lilian Whaite, it seems that Daisy after her marriage set about slowly putting into her name many of Harry's possessions.


It is possible that Harry and Daisy spent most of 1906 travelling to and from San Francisco, with Harry's son Frederick who recalled that they were en route when the news came through about the great San Franciso earthquake of that year.

In 1907 and 1908, Harry at least was at 5 West Street Paddington and in 1909 moved to 18 Coomber Street Paddington, which eventually became "Metropolitan Scenic Studio". According to research by Philip Whaite, a contract was signed in June 1907 for Harry Whaite to buy this property said to contain 8 perches or thereabouts Municipality of Paddington Parish of Alexandria County of Cumberland from John McPherson Merchant surviving trustee of estate of John Edward Holdsworth. On 26 May 1908 the sale was finalised for a sum of one hundred and twenty pounds. By August of that year, there was a Mortgage over the property given to Percy Grose Hordern, which in March 1910 was transferred John William Maund who was an amateur painter and a very wealthy man as well as a Trustee of Art Gallery of NSW. The transfer was only for a nominal consideration and by May 1913, it had been discharged, though apparently John W Maud still owned the property, because in November 1926, he transferred it to Daisy C Whaite, wife of Harry Whaite on the payment of consideration ten shillings. In 1910 Mortgage there had been a provision of annuity of thirty nine pounds to be paid by Daisy Whaite to Harry during his lifetime, and this was continued as encumbrance in 1926 transfer until Harry's death. Maybe this was meant as some sort of income for Harry, as a gift from a fellow artist. Even after Harry's death, Daisy kept the studio and maybe rented it out, but in April 1946 it was sold to the theatrical company J C Williamson who presumably intended to keep it for the storage and making of scenery.

Metropolitan Scenic Studio was apparently, from one grandson's memory, a two storied terrace house, with a space in the middle where the canvas back drops could be painted. The photo in "The Theatre" shows a platform with painting materials in front of the scenery, but it is not known whether it or the canvas was put into position by a series of ropes and pulleys so that painting could proceed.

The Studio seems to have been a sort of production line, where Harry would make scenery on special order, or add to his stock of stage scenery which could be hired out for amateur dramatic societies and others wanting it. There are undated poster records in Tasmania of numerous productions in which Harry is recorded as Scenic Artist, but perhaps this scenery actually came from his studio. Harry made the scenery for production of "La Mascotte" by Goulburn Liedertafel, an important NSW country drama group and in the articles in "The Theatre", places like Fiji and Mossman in North Queensland are also mentioned. Some members of the family have seen Harry's scenery in various NSW Town Halls and in places in New Zealand.

Articles in "The Theatre" mention special commissions such as Hugh J Ward's production "The Girl from Rector's" playing at the Princess Theatre Melbourne in May 1910, where Harry worked from photos, while "Lovers Lane" was conceived by Harry from the play script. It seems that Daisy Whaite also painted part of the scenery for both of these productions.

Harry and Daisy made a trip back to London to inspect the latest trends in scenic art. They left Sydney on 9 May 1914, on Orient Line's "Orvieto" with a half empty ship because of the threat of war - there were only 340 other passengers out of a capacity of nearly 700. On the passenger list Harry was now a sprightly 37, 2 years younger than at the time of his 1905 marriage, while Daisy was but 33, the same age as when she married.

On their return on "Ophir" in December 1914, an article in Sydney Morning Herald dated twelfth of that month mentions that Harry lent his previous partner George Dixon a hand in painting a tableau for Nellie Stewart's Boxing Night appearance at Theatre Royal of "Dorothy o' the Hall." They saw many productions while in London with, in the main, fine scenery and Harry mentioned an improvement at the Coliseum with a new revolving stage which could move around at the touch of a lever, with three complete sets on it and the actor in place.

Possibly the last record found of Harry's work as Scenic Artist is in a Sydney Morning Herald review of a later Kate Howarde production of "Possum Paddock" opening in September 1919 at Sydney's Theatre Royal, which mentions Harry's use of kangaroo and possum skins nailed up on the doors to dry, with real kookaburras chuckling above the wool shed, set against "a vista of gum trees with their golden autumn tints!! on gracefully massed foliage".

Around 1925, Harry and Daisy appear on the Supplementary Electoral Roll at 17 Park Parade Bondi and Philip Whaite's research shows that Daisy had bought this property in March 1925. Possibly she had some assistance for the purchase from her family, though it is likely that most of the funds came from the Mortgage held by Paddington Woollahra and Waverley Starr-Bowkett Co-op Building Society No.3 and this was discharged in February 1933, maybe with the money Daisy had after Harry died. In November 1947, this propety was sold by Daisy to a Florence M Lewis Williams, who lived at nearby Randwick.

Early in 1931, family stories say Harry went to the doctor and was diagnosed with some sort of cancer, so sadly, at the end of March that year, he took his own life in Ashton Park near Mosman.

His widow Daisy C Whaite of 17 Park Parade Bondi said Harry was a retired Scenic Artist and on 1 June 1931 in an Affadavit 57774 she stated that deceased had no furniture nor personal effects, did not owe any debts, had not made any settlements or gifts of property within NSW within last 3 years preceding his death. Harry had but two pounds nine shillings and three pence in his account with Govt Savings Bank at Oxford and he shared with Daisy a Government Saving Account at Bondi totalling just over one hundred pounds, as well as a Commonwealth Bond for one hundred pounds maturing in 1932.

Daisy was not very interested in Harry's son, Frederick and their family and did not keep her promise to let the family have some of Harry's paintings that were hanging in the Park Parade house.

Daisy died on 28 March 1950 at North Parramatta and her will was made 10 Sep 1949 leaving her estate to the children of her late sister Anne Evangeline Doyle, with her nephews Andrew and Arthur Doyle as Executors. It was worth 1793 pounds mostly from an account with Commercial Banking Co for nearly 1588 pounds and was probated as 364494 on 22 June 1950, with death duty of nearly 96 pounds paid.


6.8.2 ex 5.5.4 Family of George WHAITE and Anne (Fisher)

2.Harry possibly b as Samuel John 6 Dec 1855 entry 363 Hill St SD Dukinfield reg Dec qtr RD Ashton under Lynne 8d.383* Informant mother [nee Harris] F Spindle Finisher d 22 Mar 1931.2233* entry 448 Ashton Park Mosman NSW Australia Cause: Cyanide Poisoning Self Administered while temporarily mentally deranged Inquest 10 Apr 1931 crem 25 Mar 1931 Rookwood Informant Eric L Morris brother-in-law "Oxley" Tamworth Retired Scenic Artist Probate 57774 of 1 June 1931 living 17 Park Pde Bondi.Sands Sydney Directory has entry 1897 at 23 Crown St as Henry Artist.. Death Notice Sydney Morning Herald 24 March 1931 "Death (suddenly) at Mosman of Harry Whaite, beloved husband of DC Whaite of 15 Park Pde Bondi Funeral Notice Wednesdays paper". Funeral Notice SMH 25 Mar 1931 "Funeral will take place 9.30am at Wood Coffil, then proceed to Rookwood Crem by road" another notice "Members of UOF Gladstone Lodge 157 and of sister lodges are invited to attend funeral of brother Harry Whaite at Wood Coffill".Residence Paddington age 39 years m (2) 19 Feb at 7 Olive St Paddington NSW 1905.2089* entry 560 rites of New Unitarian Church (Witnesses: William Greig, Bene Zimmerman) Daisy Cavendish (Morris) Residence Paddington shown as Emma Sophia Daisy Cavendish Morris on DC Harry 1931 b as Emma Sophia 1872.13905 Muswellbrook [c 1877 Worrondi MC] d 28 Apr 1950.8477* 8 Seville St Parramatta North Cause: 1. Cerebral Thrombosis 5 days 2. Arterio Sclerosis years crem 29 Apr 1950 Rookwood Crem age 77 years Informant then of 8 Seville Parramatta North nephew L M Doyle. Will made 10 Sep 1949 at 8 Seville St Parramatta left estate to nieces and nephews of sister late Anne Evangeline Doyle, with nephews Andrew Laurence Morris Doyle and Arthur Bernard Doyle being Executors. Probate NSW 364494* dated 22 June 1950 Estate valued 1793 pounds on which duty of 95 pounds was paid NO ISSUE see SF



Though at his 1911 marriage Fred says he was born in Manchester, England, Frederick Henry Whaite, universally known as "Fred", was according to his mother born on 26 September 1885 at 161 West Spencer Street Melbourne Victoria. It was not until nearly 3 months later that his birth was registered in NSW, by written declaration, given by his mother Alice nee Blakeney then living at Picton Arms Hotel Campbell St Sydney.

Fred was only 6 years old, when in October 1891 in Fitzroy Vic his mother Alice Actress married her long time Irish dancing partner Michael Patrick John Meagher Actor presumably leaving her young son with his father. In 1896 Alice and Michael went to live in Christchurch NZ, where Alice died in 1942 and Michael in 1946.

On 1 March 1892 Harry married Sarah Agnes Grant, a country girl from a farm near Braidwood, who he had probably engaged to look after Fred.

According to Sands Directories, Harry was living in Sydney from 1897 onwards and it must have been during this time that young Fred was taking lessons in piano and composition, possibly from private tutors. Many years later, in an ABC Staff Application, Fred said he had been educated privately and had attended Fort Street Boys High School. He also said he had sat for and passed Trinity College of Music London examinations, though all the records are lost, adding " but never qualified for higher honors, as a great deal of my time has been spent in travelling."

Fred's first professional appearance as a pianist was an Australian Natives concert in 1902, when he played his own work "Grand Galope" in honour of Edward VI's coronation. The family have a pamphlet printed for the occasion, showing Fred at the piano, in his Sunday best suit, with a beautiful lace collar.

The Electoral Roll for 1906 shows Fred was living with Harry and Daisy at 18 Comber St Paddington and his occupation was Clerk. This was the year he mentioned he had been on a boat going to San Francisco at the time of the great earthquake.

There are ads in "Maitland Mercury" in 1910 reporting Fred as leader of orchestra etc and it was probably at an after performance party that he met Lilian Stevens said to be one of "The beautiful Maitland sisters".

For some reason or other, they went to Cessnock to get married in 1911 by Victor Duff-Cooper, later Moderator of Presbyterian Assembly. Later in life, Lilian implied it was because she was still a minor, but as she was born in 1886 this was not so. She was always coy about her age and on various certificates she often made out that she was about five years younger than was true.

Lilian May was one of the daughters of Thomas Place Stevens, a cabinet maker living at Hunter St Maitland, son of a Nottingham Lacemaker, who had settled there in 1848. He had married in 1879 Mary Ann O'Brien, daughter of an Irish soldier James O'Brien late of 12th Regiment in Tasmania and NZ, who was a warder at East Maitland Gaol.

Sadly Lilian's mother died in 1897 from Phthisis, a name in those days for Tuberculosis. She left behind a family of two sons and four daughters, with another daughter Essie dying in 1884 when only three years old.

This disease had taken a terrible toll of the Stevens and O'Brien families: Mary Ann's father in 1888, her daughter Maggie A in 1904, her husband in 1907 and her daughter Lena Sams in 1910.

After Mary Ann died, Thomas engaged a housekeeper to care for the children and Lilian always had fond memories of her saying she kept the children beautifully dressed even down to always ironing their panties. Lilian implied that she was "mother" to the family, even though there was an elder sister Maggie, but maybe even then she was ill with Tuberculosis.

After their marriage, there is an ad in Maitland Mercury June 1911 stating Fred would take "Pupils for Tuition in Pianoforte, Theory, Harmony,Counterpoint, Orchestration etc etc.Manuscripts Arranged", his address being care of "Arcadia" Theatre.

They were not in Maitland for the birth of their first son Harry Maitland which was registered at St Leonards near Sydney in May 1912 and their second son Richard "Dick" was also registered there in December 1914.

Fred and Lily are on Electoral Roll for 1913, living at 1 Paul St Milsons Point, but in 1915 and 1916 they were at "Claremont" Bayview St McMahons Point, so maybe it was after then that Fred got a job with the theatrical entrepreneur Benjamin Fuller as Musical Arranger/Director.

For the next 15 or so years, Fred worked with the Fuller Company, travelling with them up and down the eastern coast of Australia, wherever the company was performing. Lilian said they always went on a special train and the whole company - management, stars and even chorus girls all travelled together on it. She remembers that the chorus girls filled in time making clothes on their little Singer sewing machines, worked by hand. Wherever she could, Lilian said she tried to find a house to rent, so they did not have to live in hotels, but I think it was easier to have a party in a house, and Lilian was a very social person.

There are ads for the Fuller Company in Brisbane during 1919, and Fred and family were there also, because that is where Thomas "Tom" was born in December 1919 in a private hospital in Vulture St South Brisbane since burnt down. Fred was the informant on the certificate and gave his address as "Lyndhurst" Stanley St South Brisbane.

The family left Brisbane in 1922 or 3 and went to live in Melbourne, and here their last son, Jack Maitland was born on 4 August 1924 at North Carlton. He died at Palace Hotel in Bourke St Melbourne only 2 weeks later on 19 August from Bronchitis Debility and Heart Failure. His burial on 20 August at Brighton Cemetery was attended by Tom and his father who were the only mourners and according to Tom they went to the funeral in a little buggy. Later on, the family moved to Wellington Parade East Melbourne.

It was sometime before they left Melbourne around 1928 that Fred's mother Alice Meagher and her husband Michael came up from Christchurch NZ to see the family, probably the last time she ever saw her son.

The family came to Sydney before May 1928, when Harry started at Sydney Boys High School and at that time Fred was conductor of the orchestra for Benjamin Fuller's Theatrical Company. In 1929 John Fuller became one of the directors of the old Australian Broadcasting Company which took over Radio Station 2FC previously owned by Farmer and Co. Fred joined ABC on 1 July as Musical Arranger and stayed with them in various capacities until his retirement on 2 November 1962.

In Sydney, the family first lived in half a house with Lilian's sister Ivy Davies in Dolphin St Coogee near Coogee Aquarium. Before November 1931, they went to live in Farrell St Kings Cross, where Fred is in Telephone Directory until May 1934. Sometime before November 1939, Fred and Lilian rented a large ground floor flat at "Eastcourt" Holdsworth Avenue, Elizabeth Bay overlooking Rushcutters Bay Park.

Here Lilian was in her element and entertained a great deal - there were parties and musical evenings and the place was a sort of hotel for any of the Stevens family who happened to be in Sydney. After Dick married Janet Argent in 1937, they lived at Holdsworth Avenue together with their first child Richard, born in 1940 while Harry and Olive Cato lived there from 1943 onwards.

By the time I knew the family in 1947, there was only Tom at home and Lilian had become enamoured of bridge parties, and held many of them at the flat.

With all their children married and living away from home, Fred and Lilian bought themselves a small unit in Cronulla near Shelley Beach around 1960. Sadly soon after they went to Cronulla, it had become evident that Lilian was in the early stages of what is now known as Alzheimers Disease, and for a while she was in a private hospital nearby. When the disease progressed, Lilian was taken in to the Reception Centre at Gladesville, where she died in May 1962 and was cremated at Northen Suburbs Crematorium.

Fred retired from ABC on 2 November 1962, and in reply to a letter from General Manager Charles Moses dated 31 December, 1962, said he had been in a private hospital with a heart complaint , though he was gradually getting back to normal.

On 19 February 1963, Fred had a letter from Charles Moses requesting he be at Broadcast House on 27 Febuary to accept a medal for 30 years service with ABC.The Director of Music, Herbert Cannon, wrote a sort of precis of his career with ABC, which was published in November 1962 issue of Radio Active [the staff journal of ABC] together with a photo to mark the occasion.

Though Fred stayed on at the Cronulla unit, he was in poor health and on 16 October 1964 he died in hospital at Caringbah from Gastro Enteritis, having had Mitral Incompetence and Congestive Heart Failure for years. He was cremated on 19 October 1964 also at Northern Suburbs Crematorium.

Tom's children have fond memories of their "Papa", especially when he did magic tricks for them, like pulling pennies out of his ears. They were quite intrigued when he played the piano for them with pennies on the lower joints of all his fingers, which stayed there while he played. He told them all good pianists could do this, because they only used the top two finger joints to play.

Despite his full time muscial duties.Fred never stopped composing ballads, orchestral suites, even operattas and details are in a lengthy list compiled by his grandson Philip Whaite which is available on request.


All Australian Generations are shown by "A" after their number

This tree ends at Eighth Generation, but further details are available to family members upon request

8A.1 ex 7.11.4 Family of Frederick Henry WHAITE and Lilian May (Stevens)

1.Living male b 9 May 1912.34549 St. Leonards NSW m 14 Dec 1943 reg 1944.72 St Phillips Church Hill reg Sydney NSW Living (Cato) b 30 Apr 1920.55A.79 Adelaide SA see SF and 9.1

2.Frederick Richard "Dick" b 14 Dec 1914.50300 Alfred St North Sydney reg St. Leonards d 21 June 1974.10966* in the street Sydney Cause:Myocardial Degeneration with Valvular disease 6 Years, Sub Acute Bacterial Endocarditis 6 years Probate 1974/783553 Shipping Clerk m 22 Oct 1937.16895 St. Phillips Church Sydney Janet Argent (Aitken) b 11 June 1919 Manly d 17 Dec 1996 Beecroft Nursing Home see SF and 9.2

3.Thomas Maitland b 23 Dec 1919.58299* Vulture St South Bris Qld Informant father then living "Lyndhurst" Stanley St South Brisbane Qld d 24 Apr 1986.103274* Port Macquarie Hospital Cause: Renal Failure 48 hours, Metastatic Carcinomna rectum 6 months Chronic Obstructive airways disease 18 yrs crem 28 Apr 1986 Port Macquarie late of Cowal Creek Road Bellangry NSW Letters of Admin ??? NSW m 24 Nov 1948.3236 Sydney (Witnesses: Daniel Bailey, F Whaite, Lilian May Whaite, Rose Caroline Bailey) Joy Lilian (Bailey) b 19 May 1922 Enfield M'sex England arrived Sydney NSW 26 Aug 1926 on "Ballaarat" see SF and 9.3

4.Jack Maitland b 4 Aug 1924.19878* North Carlton Vic d 19 Aug 1924.10983* Palace Hotel Bourke St Melbourne Cause: Bronchitis Debility Heart Failure 3-4 days age 2 weeks bu 20 Aug 1924 Brighton Cem Vic NO ISSUE



8A.1.1 Living (Cato) Precis only for full family tree see Cato First Revision

Father Leonard Frederick CATO b 7 June 1895 Kapunda SA

m Mar qrtr 1917? Lewisham 1d.2244* England

Mother Louisa Rennie (Pace) b 30 Apr 1888 Pencaithland Edinburgh Scot

Paternal Line

PGF Thomas William CATO b 12 Nov 1853 Richmond Vic

m 16 June 1877 Stawell Vic

PGM Elizabeth (Walker) b 15 Apr 1854 Bendigo Vic

Maternal Line

Father Robert Ferrier PACE b c 1856 Kirk Newton Edinburgh d pre 1917 Farmer

m pre 1888

Mother Catherine (Howden) b c 1857

This family lived c 1888 near Edinburgh Scotland

Census 3 April 1881 Scotland East Lothian Parish Ormiston 1881-315 ed 2 Line 24 Sched 19 Reg No. 715 at House of Muir Village: Robert Pace 25 b Kirknewton Edinburgh Farm Steward Head, Catherine 24, Clara 1

Census 5 April 1891 Scotland East Lothian Parish Pencaitland 1891-373 ed 3 Line 18 Sched 49 Reg No 716 at Wester Pencaitland: Robert Pace 36, Catherine Pace 35, Clara 11, Rosalina 7 Annie 4, Louisa 2 b Haddington Pencaitland, Robert J Pace 7 Mths, Mary McFarlane 21

8A.1.2 Janet Argent (Aitken) Precis only for Paternal Line Aitken and Maternal Line Argent see Part Eight

Father James Hudson AITKEN b 7 Aug 1891 Invercargill NZ (c 1893 MC) d c 1974 Sydney

m 2 May 1914.2485* Presb Ch Randwick (Witnesses: Martha Cosgrove, John Olson)

Mother Elizabeth Ruth (Argent) b 1882 Havershill Essex England d 7 Jul 1963 ?? All Saints Hospital Women crem 5 Jul 1963 North Subs Crem

Sibling of Janet Argent Aitken: Thomas Herbert b 13 Mar 1915 Waverley d c 1991 Sydney m 1940.19579 Mosman Ida Mary (Glover) b 15 Jan 1918.10912 Merungle Private Hospital Leeton reg Narrandera d bet 9 - 12 Nov 1965.3018* at Bantry Bay Rd Frenchs Forest late of 5 Bay St Mosman crem 16 Nov 1965 Northern Subs Crem

Paternal Line

PGF Thomas (Hudson) AITKEN b 4 Dec 1867 * Greenhills Invergargill Ironmoulder d 26 Mar 1935.4739 Liverpoll NSW bu 27 Mar 1935 Presb Cem Rookwood NSW came to Sydney c 1913

m 18 Dec 1889.3506 Ellis Road Prim Meth Inverness NZ

PGM Emily Beatrice (Hart) b 1864 Inverness Tailoress d 13 Nov 1907.1083 Hereford St Linwood (? near Invercargill) bu 16 Nov 1907

8A.1.3 Joy Lilian (Bailey) Precis only for Paternal Line Bailey see Bailey Revision and for Maternal Line Painter see Part Eight

Father Daniel BAILEY b 27 Oct 1897 Albion Qld d 26 Jul 1958 Sydney NSW

m 30 Apr 1921 Enfield Mdx England

Mother Rose Caroline (Painter) b 22 Sep 1890 Tottenham Msx d 26 Jan 1979 Stanmore NSW

Paternal Line

PGF Walter BAILEY b 27 Oct 1853 Little Dean Glos England d 5 Mar 1936 b Brisbane Qld

m (2) ?12 Apr 1896 Aden Arabia

PGM Lily (Lewis) b ? 1873 Swansea Glam Wales d 30 June 1934 Brisbane

Maternal Line

MGF Henry Charles PAINTER b 22 Jul 1851 St Giles Msx

m 17 Nov 1873 St James Shoreditch Mdx

MGM Sarah (Holdsworth) b 30 Jan 1855 St Giles Cripplegate London d 6 June 1935 Enfield Mdx

Sibling: Irene Mary b 13 Dec 1924 Edmonton Msx England m 21 Sep 1946 Campsie Ronald Eric GILLARD b 21 Nov 1924 Undercliffe d 25 June 1993 Canberra ACT